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Elinore Simpson

Marcia Dale Aspire Scholar

Elinore Simpson, Marcia Dale Aspire ScholarUPDATE:

Graduated 5/2015; Employed by East Alabama Medical Center in the ICU-Step Down Unit.
On the UW Alumni Association Nursing Chapter Board, 2016-18.

As one of the first Aspire graduates, Simpson reflects on the program: "I can describe Aspire as a program for personal and professional growth. Aspire provides students with the tools and resources to be successful, mindful, and professional. The program offers a network of support and multiple opportunities for mentorship and guidance."

What drew you to nursing?

I began my college career knowing that I had a desire to pursue a degree in the field of science. Originally I set out to become a veterinarian. Then spring semester of my freshman year, my brother took an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification course.
I admired the work that he was doing and realized that helping people was my true desire. I enrolled in the EMT course and shortly thereafter changed my major to nursing.

What drew you to UW?

I have lived in Wyoming for the majority of my life and am proud to have grown up here. I believe that Wyoming is full of opportunities. I naturally chose UW for several reasons: attending a smaller university allows me to build strong relations with peers and staff and participate in community-based programs; my mother is an alumna of UW; I attended the University Lab School as a young child. UW has been part of my life for as long as I can recall. UW has a strong sense of community of which I have always felt a part. I am honored to be accepted into UW FWWSON amongst a community of high quality nursing students.

What drew you to Aspire?

I applied for ASPIRE because I wanted to be engaged in the nursing community as early in my career as possible. I believe that nursing is a profession which is not limited to the classroom and that it is important to build my experience base in different environments.

I enjoy taking part in the learning experiences that Aspire provides through its interprofessional activities, conferences, discussions of current issues in the nursing profession and scholarly projects! I am passionate about being an ambassador for the nursing profession. Being in the ASPIRE program has given me an insider’s view into the nursing profession and has cemented my commitment to becoming a leader in my field.

Upon entrance to the Aspire Program:
Scholastic Honors and Awards

  • Provost's List for 2013

  • Presidential Honors Roll 2012

  • Scholarships

    • Hathaway Honors Scholarship 2010-2014

    • Halliburton Foundation 2010-2014

    • UW Alumni Association Jr/Sr Scholarship 2013-2014

    • Mabel C. Sargent Scholarship 2013-2014

    • Marcia L. & William G. Dale Scholarship 2014-2015

    • Karen Clark Scholarship 2014-2015

Volunteer & Work Activities


  • Albany County Search and Rescue

  • Red Cross


  • CNA for Summit Home Health

  • SOAR (Success Oriented Achievement Realized)
    During the summer months, I work at a camp for an organization known as SOAR. The camp is for children ages 11-18 who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities. Campers participate in adventure experiences as diverse as camping, rock climbing, whitewater rafting and horseback riding. I find this job to be highly engaging and rewarding as I help to facilitate the growth of these campers.

Aspirations for College and Beyond

I will complete my BSN and my Honors Program Senior Research Project, which examines student perspectives of Nurse Midwives.

I plan to use my training in wilderness and emergency medicine and my interest in ER/Trauma nursing toward the ultimate goal of becoming a Wyoming flight nurse!


Page updated 1/10/2017

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