Jeffrey Lockwood


UW Recognition

College of Arts and Sciences' Extraordinary Merit in Research, 2010.

George Duke Humphrey Award, University of Wyoming, 2007.

Award for Excellence in Internationalization, University of Wyoming, 2001.


B.S. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology 1982; Ph.D. Louisiana State University 1985; Professor of Philosophy 2006

Jeff Lockwood was hired as an insect ecologist at the University of Wyoming in 1986.  But over the course of 20 years he metamorphosed into a Professor of Natural Sciences & Humanities, with a joint appointment between the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies and the Department of Visual & Literary Arts (creative writing).  He teaches courses in natural resource ethics, environmental justice and the philosophy of ecology, along with creative non-fiction writing workshops.  His books and essays have been honored with a Pushcart Prize, a John Burroughs Award, a Benjamin Franklin Award Silver Medal, the Albert Schweitzer Sermon Award of the UUA, and inclusion in Best American Science & Nature Writing.  His recent books Philosophical Foundations for the Practices of Ecology (Cambridge), Behind the carbon curtain: The energy industry, political censorship and free speech (UNM Press), Poisoned Justice (Pen-L), and The infested mind: Why humans fear, loathe, and love insects (Oxford).

For Jeff's curriculum vitae.

Courses Taught in the past 5 years:

  • Free Speech and Censorship
  • Aesthetics
  • Environmental Aesthetics
  • Writing Philosophy
  • The Sublime
  • Environmental Ethics Seminar (Topics: Deep Ecology, Environmental Justice, Ecofeminism, Philosophy of Wilderness)
  • Creative Non-fiction Workshop (Topics: Nature Writing, Religious and Spiritual Writing, Interstellar Message Composition)


picture of Jeff Lockwood

Dr. Jeffrey Lockwood

Specialization: Natural Sciences and Humanities

Saturday University

 Insect Warfare
Dr. Jeffrey Lockwood speaks on Insect Warfare at Sat U on 10/3/09
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