Faculty studying ecosystems

Wyoming has long been a center for the study of nutrient and energy flux in natural and managed ecosystems. Wyoming ecologists are currently studying fluxes of carbon, nitrogen, water, and other materials in a wide array of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, as well as exchanges of energy and water between ecosystems and the atmosphere.



Merav Ben-David, Ph.D. (Zoology/Physiology)

Ellen Currano, Ph.D. (Botany)

Robert Hall, Ph.D. (Zoology/Physiology)

Brent Ewers, Ph.D. (Botany)

Kristina Hufford, Ph.D. (Ecosystem Science and Management)

Thomas Minckley, Ph.D. (Geography)

Melanie Murphy, Ph.D. (Ecosystem Science and Management)

Urszula Norton, Ph.D. (Plant Sciences)

Peter Stahl, Ph.D. (Ecosystem Science and Management)

Dan Tinker, Ph.D. (Botany)

Linda van Diepen, Ph.D. (Ecosystem Science and Management)

Karen Vaughan, Ph.D. (Ecosystem Science and Management)

David Williams, Ph.D. (Ecosystem Science and Management)

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