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Abdullahi Ali

Ali A.H, J.R. Goheen, R. Amin, I. Lekolool (2013); Lessons from the capture and collaring of the critically endangered hirola Antelope (Beatragus hunteri), Ijara, Kenya. Technical report to the Kenya Wildlife Service.

Ali A.H and J.R. Goheen(2012). Saving the world's most endangered antelope. Association of Zoos and Aquariums Connect Magazine, USA. March Issue, pg 43.

Ali A.H, S. Andanje, and J.R. Goheen(2012)A diamond in the rough: conservation and ecology of hirola antelope in northeastern Kenya. East African Wildlife Society Swara Magazine, January-March Issue, pgs 56-57.

King J., S. Andanje, C. Musyoki, R. Amin, J.R. Goheen, D. Lesimirdana, and Ali A.H (2011) Aerial survey of hirola (Beatragus hunteri) and other large mammals in southeastern Kenya. Technical report to the Kenya Wildlife Service.

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Adi Barocas

Ilany A., Barocas A., Kam M., Ilany T., Geffen E. (2013). The energy cost of singing in wild rock hyrax males: evidence for an index signal. Animal Behavior.

Cohen O., Barocas A. and Geffen E. (2013). Conflicting management policies for the Arabian wolf Canis lupus arabs in the Negev Desert: is this justified? Oryx 47: 228-336. :

Ilany, A., Barocas A., Koren L., Kam M. and Geffen E. (2013). Structural balance in the social networks of a wild mammal. Animal Behaviour

Barocas, A., Ilany, A., Koren, L., Kam, M., Geffen, E. 2011  Variance in centrality within rock hyrax social networks predicts adult longevity. (PloS One, vol. 6 iss. 7, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0022375)


Jason Carlisle

Gamo, R. S., J. D. Carlisle, J. L. Beck, J. A. C. Bernard, and M. E. Herget. 2013. Greater sage-grouse in Wyoming: an umbrella species for sagebrush dependent wildlife. The Wildlife Professional 7:56–59.

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Janet Chen

J. Chen and D.G. Williams (2013) A novel in situ water perfusion and extraction method for soil amino acid quantification. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 59, 86-88.


Morgan Churchill

Boessenecker, R.W., and Churchill, M. 2013. A reevaluation of the morphology, paleoecology, and phylogenetic relationships of the enigmatic walrus Pelagiarctos. PLOS One 8(1):e54311


Reilly Dibner

Dibner, R.R. (2010). Breeding site selection and development success of the European common frog (Rana temporaria) in conifer plantations and blanket bogs in western Ireland. Report and Recommendations to The National Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Ireland.


John Frank

Frank, J. M., W. J. Massman, and B. E. Ewers. 2013. Underestimates of sensible heat flux due to vertical velocity measurement errors in non-orthogonal sonic anemometers. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 171–172:72-81.

Kochendorfer, J., T. P. Meyers, J. M. Frank, W. J. Massman, and M. W. Heuer. 2012. How Well Can We Measure the Vertical Wind Speed? Implications for Fluxes of Energy and Mass. Boundary-Layer Meteorology 145:383-398.

Kochendorfer, J., T. P. Meyers, J. M. Frank, W. J. Massman, and M. W. Heuer. 2013. Reply to the Comment by Mauder on 'How Well Can We Measure the Vertical Wind Speed? Implications for Fluxes of Energy and Mass'. Boundary-Layer Meteorology 147:337-345.

Massman, W.J., J.M. Frank, and S.J. Mooney. 2010. Advancing investigation and modeling of first-order fire effects on soils. Fire Ecology. 6:36-54.

Yi, C., D. Ricciuto, R. Li, J. Wolbeck, X. Xu, M. Nilsson, and 145 other authors, including J.M. Frank, listed in alphabetical order. 2010. Climate control of terrestrial carbon exchange across biomes and continents. Environmental Research Letters. 5:034007.


Caley Gasch

Gasch, C.K., S.F. Enloe, P.D. Stahl, S.E. Williams. 2013. An aboveground-belowground assessment of ecosystem properties associated with exotic annual brome invasion. Biology and Fertility of Soils, DOI: 10.1007/s00374-013-0790-x.

Nie, M., E. Pendall, C. Bell, C.K. Gasch, S. Raut, S. Tamang, M.D. Wallenstein. 2012. Positive climate feedbacks of soil microbial communities in a semi-arid grassland. Ecology Letters 16: 234-241.


Eriek Hansen

Hansen, E. S., and P. Budy. 2011. The potential of passive stream restoration to improve stream and riparian habitat and minimize the impact of disease on fish: A short-term assessment. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 30(2):573-588.


Monia Haselhorst

Haselhorst MS, Buerkle CA (2013) Genetic structure of Picea engelmannii, P. glauca and their previously unrecognizedhybrids in the central Rocky Mountains. Tree Genetics & Genomes, Online First.

Haselhorst, M.S.H. and Buerkle, C.A. (2013) Population genetic structure of Picea engelmannii, P. glauca and their previously unrecognized hybrids in the central Rocky Mountains. Tree Genetics and Genomes, Online First.

Haselhorst, M.S.H., Edwards, C.E., Rubin, M.J. and Weinig, C. (2011) Genetic architecture of life-history traits and environment-specific tradeoffs. Molecular Ecology, 20, 4042--4058.

Edwards, C.E., Haselhorst, M.S.H., McKnite, A.M., Ewers, B.E., Williams, D.G. and Weinig, C. (2009) Genotypes of Brassica rapa respond differently to plant-induced variation in air CO2 concentration in growth chambers with standard and enhanced venting. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 119 (6) 991--1004.

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Anne-Marie Hodge

Slobodchikoff, C. N., W. R. Briggs, P. A. Dennis, and A. M. C. Hodge. 2012. Size and shape information serve as labels in alarm calls of Gunnison's prairie dogs (Cynomys gunnisoni). Current Zoology. 58(5):741-748.


Erin Hotchkiss

Hubbard, K.A., L.K. Lautz, M.J. Mitchell, B. Mayer, and E.R. Hotchkiss. 2010. Evaluating nitrate uptake in a Rocky Mountain stream using labelled 15N and ambient nitrate chemistry. Hydrological Processes 24: 3322-3336.

Hotchkiss, E.R. and R.O. Hall. 2010. Linking calcification by exotic snails to stream inorganic carbon cycling. Oecologia 163: 235-245.

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Yao Liu

Liu, Y., J.J. Andersen, J.W. Williams, and S.T. Jackson (2013): Vegetation history in central Kentucky and Tennessee during the last glacial and deglacial period. Quaternary Research, 79, 189-198

Liu, Y., S. Brewer, R.K. Booth, T.A. Minckley, and S.T. Jackson (2012): Temporal density of pollen sampling affects age determination of the mid-Holocene hemlock (Tsuga) decline. Quaternary Science Reviews, 45, 54-59

Liu, Y., S.T. Jackson, S. Brewer & J.W. Williams.  2010.  Assessing antiquity and turnover of terrestrial ecosystems in eastern North America using fossil pollen data: A preliminary study. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 9 012005.

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Kellen Nelson

Coulston, JW, Nelson, KN, Woodall, CW, Smith, JS, Meriwether, D, Reams, GA.  2012. The Climate Change Performance Scorecard and Carbon Estimates for National Forests.  In: Morin, Randall S.;Liknes, Greg C., comps. Moving from status to trends: Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) symposium 2012; 2012 December 4-6; Baltimore, MD.  Gen. Tech. Rep. NRS-P-105. Newtown Square, PA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northern Research Station. [CD-ROM]: 170-176.


Chris North

Cui. X. , J.M. Grebmeier, L.W. Cooper, J.R. Lovvorn, C.A. North, W.L. Seaver and J.M. Kolts.  2009.  Spatial distributions of groundfish in the northern Bering Sea in relation to environmental variation.  Marine Ecology Progress Series 393: 147-160.


Matthew Rubin

Monia S.H. Haselhorst, Christine E. Edwards, Matthew J. Rubin, Cynthia Weinig. Genetic architecture of life-history traits and environment-specific tradeoffs. Molecular Ecology.


Kurt Smith

Phelps, Q.E., G.W. Whitledge, S.J. Tripp, K.T. Smith, J.E. Garvey, D.P. Herzog, D.E. Ostendorf, J.W. Ridings, J.W. Crites, R.A. Hrabik, W.J. Doyle, and T.D. Hill. 2012.     Identifying river of origin for age-0 Scaphirhynchus sturgeons in the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers using fin ray microchemisty. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 69:930-94

Smith, K.T., and G.W. Whitledge. 2011. Trace element and stable isotopic signatures in otholiths and pectoral spines as potential indicators of catfish environmental history. Pages 645-660 in P.H. Michaletz and V.H. Travnichek, editors. Conservation, Ecology, and Management of Catfish: The Second International Symposium. American Fisheries Society, Symposium 77, Bethesda, Maryland.

Smith, K.T., and G.W. Whitledge. 2011. Evaluation of a stable-isotope labeling technique for mass marking fin rays of age-0 lake sturgeon. Fisheries management and Ecology 18:168-175

Smith, K.T., N.P. Rude, M.R. Noatch, D.R. Sechler, Q.E. Phelps, and G.W. Whitledge. 2011. Contrasting   population characteristics of yellow bass (Morone mississippiensis) in two southern Illinois reservoirs. Journal of Applied Ichthyology 27:46-52

Smith, K.T., and G.W. Whitledge. 2010. Fin ray chemistry as a potential natural tag for smallmouth bass in northern Illinois Rivers. Journal of Freshwater Ecology 25:627-635


John Whiteman

Whiteman JP, Frank N, Greller KA, Harlow HJ, Ben-David M. Characterization of blood lipoproteins and validation of cholesterol and triacylglycerol assays for free-ranging polar bears (Ursus maritimus). In press.

Whiteman JP, Buskirk SW. Footload influences wildlife use of compacted trails in the snow. In press.Pauli JN, Zuckerberg B, Whiteman JP, Porter W. The subnivean environment: a decaying seasonal refugium. In press.

Whiteman JP, Greller KA, Harlow HJ, Felicetti LA, Rode KD, Ben-David M. 2012. Carbon isotopes in exhaled breath track metabolic substrates in brown bears (Ursus arctos). Journal of Mammalogy 93:413-421.

Ben-David M, Newsome SD, Whiteman JP. 2012. Lipid and amino acid composition influence incorporation and discrimination of stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes in captive mink. Journal of Mammalogy 93:399-412.

Pauli JN, Whiteman JP, Marcot BG, McClean TM, Ben-David M. 2011. DNA-based approach to aging martens (Martes americana and M. caurina). Journal of Mammalogy 92:500-510.

Durner GM, Whiteman JP, Harlow HJ, Amstrup SC, Regehr EV, Ben-David M. 2011. Consequences of long-distance swimming and travel over deep-water pack ice for a female polar bear during a year of extreme sea ice retreat. Polar Biology 34:975-984.

Pauli JN, Whiteman JP, Riley MD, Middleton AD. 2010. Defining noninvasive for sampling vertebrates. Conservation Biology 24:349-352

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