Community Engagement, Broader Impacts and Outreach Programs at the University of Wyoming

  • Snake in grass

    Biodiversity Institute

    The Biodiversity Institute works with scientists, resource managers,
    educators, and the public to further the understanding and
    conservation of biodiversity.

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  • Engineering student

    College of Engineering and Physical Sciences - Engineering Outreach

    The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences looks forward to the
    opportunity to engage students and teachers in hands-on learning to build
    knowledge and understanding in the field of engineering.

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  • Ed Op members form W

    Educational Opportunity Center

    The Educational Opportunity Centers program provides advising and
    information on college admissions to qualified adults, veterans, active duty
    military families, and high school students who want to enter or continue a
    program of postsecondary education. The program also provides services to
    improve the financial and economic literacy of participants.


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  • Equality State Research Network Researchers

    Equality State Research Network

    The Equality State Research Network (ESRN) is a statewide network
    committed to engaging in community-based research to improve the overall
    health of Wyoming residents. The ESRN incorporates community engagement,
    quality improvement, and scientific inquiry to discover innovative solutions to
    Wyoming’s unique healthcare challenges.

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  • Sunset over Wyoming Mountains

    Malcolm Wallop Civic Engagement Program

    The Wallop Civic Engagement Program was launched to address the need for
    Wyoming’s institutions of higher education to be contributing, meaningful, and
    relevant partners in our communities broadly, and specifically in K-12

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  • University of Wyoming Graduation Ceromony

    McNair Scholars Program

    The McNair Scholars Program is an undergraduate research and graduate
    school preparation program. We prepare students from groups traditionally
    underrepresented in graduate education for success in doctoral degree
  • Biomedical Researcher

    NIH Wyoming IDeA Networks for Biomedical Excellence

    The ultimate goal of the WY INBRE is to help Wyoming build its biomedical
    research and education infrastructure. This is being pursued by promoting the
    development, coordination, training, and sharing of research resources and
    expertise that will expand research opportunities for community college and
    university students and faculty and increase the number of competitive
    investigators in Wyoming.


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    Science & Mathematics Teacher Center

    The primary mission of the Science and Mathematics Teaching Center (SMTC)
    is to improve the learning and teaching of science and mathematics across the
    K-20 continuum.

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  • Science students observing slide

    Science Initiative Roadshow

    The Roadshow can take your research and students across Wyoming by bring
    hands-on active STEM curriculum into K-12 classrooms, afterschool programs,
    and community groups. We collaborate with K-12 educators to link research to
    the specific learning objectives and science standards taught in the classroom.
    This model creates a mutually beneficial collaboration between UW and the
    state while also providing development and training in outreach best practices
    for students at UW.


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  • Research students using telescope

    Science Initiative - Wyoming Research Scholars Program

    The Wyoming Research Scholars Program can help to educate and increase
    undergraduate involvement in research by pairing students with faculty
    mentors to participate in cutting-edge research starting as early as their
    freshman year.

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  • Science professor

    Science Initiative - Learning Actively Mentoring Program (LAMP)

    LAMP trains faculty and students on how to best adopt active learning
    strategies in classrooms at UW. This is a comprehensive, sustained mentoring
    and professional development program that can provide researchers with novel
    ways of including research in the classroom and create collaborative
    opportunities for science instructors across Wyoming to improve learning
    experiences for all Wyoming students as they transition through educational

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  • Young science students

    Science Kitchen (Wyoming NASA Space Grant Consortium)

    The Science Kitchen and Wyoming NASA Space Grant Consortium offer
    a variety of opportunities for researchers to share their research activities.
    From working with school-age children and teachers to community
    college outreach and undergraduate research opportunities, we can help
    you engage students in STEM and showcase your research to society!

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  • Bird's eye view of campus

    University of Wyoming ECHO

    UW ECHO Networks provide ongoing support for educators, healthcare
    providers, and families in a rural state where specialized knowledge is not
    always locally available. By removing these barriers to specialized
    knowledge, outcomes for students, patients, and families are improved.
    The Research and Evaluation Team measures outcomes of ECHO
    networks such as knowledge, skills, intentions to implement, and
    connections with the professional network.

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  • Research center

    Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math/Science

    Upward Bound is a TRIO program that is grant funded. We serve high
    school students who are first generation college bound, and/or come from
    income eligible families. The goal of Upward Bound is to help our
    students gain the skills they will need to be successful in college, and to
    provide them with experiences to aid in meeting that goal.

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  • Man sitting under the stars

    UW Science Communication Initiative (WySci)

    WySCI offers numerous broader impacts/public engagement resources
    and programs for the UW community.

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  • Grand Teton Mountains

    UW Teton STEM Academy

    UW Teton STEM Academy is a privately funded 8-day residential STEM
    camp at UW for Wyoming 9-11th graders. We hire in-service teachers
    and college students as counselors. We like to partner with other outreach
    activities to achieve broader impacts.

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  • Brick buildings

    Wyoming Assistive Technology Resources

    Wyoming Assistive Technology Resources (WATR) is a program of the
    Wyoming Institute for Disabilities (WIND), located on the University of
    Wyoming campus. WATR is dedicated to providing information about
    assistive technology to increase knowledge and to facilitate participation
    in life activities for individuals with disabilities.

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  • Wyoming Latina Youth Center Leaders

    Wyoming Latina Youth Center

    The Wyoming Latina Youth Center is focused on empowering young
    Latinas through mentorship, education, and cultural awareness. Our motto
    is "The Power of Choice: A Positive Mindset for Growth, Leadership and
    Academic Success."

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  • Bighorn Canyon

    Wyoming Pathways from Prison

    Wyoming Pathways from Prison is UW's prison education program. WPfP
    provides college-level educational opportunities to incarcerated students
    across the Wyoming Department of corrections.

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  • Devil's Tower National Monument

    Wyoming State Science Fair

    The Wyoming State Science Fair (WSSF) provides a forum for Wyoming
    student scientists to conduct and share their original science, technology,
    engineering or math research. Participation engages students in real-life
    science & engineering research experiences, and gives them opportunities
    to interact with professionals.

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  • River running throught mountains

    Wyoming Telehealth Network

    The Wyoming Telehealth Network (WyTN) supports healthcare entities,
    providers, and specialists to increase access to care and improve health
    outcomes for Wyoming residents, through professional development,
    collaboration, and leveraging of telecommunications technology.


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  • Scientific samples

    Wyoming's Inclusive Excellence 3 Grant

    The IMPACT STEM Transfer learning community is a unique transfer
    ecosystem focused on improving educational outcomes for students whose
    STEM educational paths include transfer from a 2- to 4-year institution.
    This National learning community consists of fifteen unique institutional
    teams among 2- and 4-year institutions, totaling nearly fifty institutions.

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