Greenhouse bays from outside; interior of greenhouse bays with pink light; plants on greenhouse bay bench with artificial light

Plant Growth & Phenotyping Facility (PGPF)




The Plant Growth and Phenotyping Facility at the University of Wyoming is an innovative research hub located on the 5th floor of the Science Initiative Building in the northwest section of the University of Wyoming campus. The Facility, commissioned in 2023, includes a sprawling 6,400-square-foot complex of research Greenhouses (with a total of 12 different bays) and an adjacent Research Penthouse housing two spacious walk-in chambers and a range of laboratory spaces meant to support the activities for all users. The research spaces are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to provide tight environmental controls for plant growth and additional phenotyping applications. Spaces and services at this University of Wyoming Core Facility are available for all faculty and students campus-wide and for extra-mural institutions and private companies, with a fee-for-use model and partly subsidized by the Division of Research and Development.

aerial image greenhouse bayspots under purple lightaerial imagecropped flowerview of CEA set upaerial imagebays with pink lightspinach and lettuce seedlingsmature greens on towerScience Initiative Building and greenhouse lit up in morning lightarabidopsisperson in potting roomimage of pots in greenhouse bayimage of towers topaerial imagecarting produceaerial imagemature greens on towerseedlingsseedlings



Plant Growth & Phenotyping Facility Spaces in the Science Initiative Building


map of greenhouse bays

map of greenhouse penthouse








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