Faculty and Staff

Department of Theatre and Dance

Neil Humphrey

Professor of Glaciology and Geomorphology, Department of Geology and Geophysics

Adjunct Professor of Vertical Dance, Department of Theatre and Dance

Geology, PhD, University of Washington, 1987
Geology, MS, University of Washington, 1983
Geology, BS, University of British Columbia, 1978

Neil has been co-teaching the Vertical Dance I and II courses with Margaret Wilson for nearly two decades.

In 1998, Neil attended the Project Bandaloop workshop at the Banff Arts Center in British Columbia. Building on this experience, the department explored the vertical dance form in an outdoor production at Vedauwoo, a well-known local climbing area. Response was overwhelming!

The first vertical dance class was offered during the spring semester 1999. Team-taught by Humphrey and Margaret Wilson, then an APL and now Professor in the Department of Theatre & Dance, the course introduced issues related to safety, rigging, and choreography in the vertical dimension.

Vertical II was introduced during the spring semester 2000, and emphasizes the math and physics involved in the rigging and anchor settings. Students enrolled in Vertical II design and construct a 'rig' for vertical dance and create commensurate choreography for public presentation.

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