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Research Facilities

The University of Wyoming stands at the forefront of both undergraduate and gradaute level research with a diverse range of resources and exceptional facilities availble to students. 

Advanced Research Computing Center

A hub for cutting-edge computational resources. See how you could generate and interpret massive datasets while studying molecular biology like genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics in a fraction of the time.

American Heritage Center

Holding over 90,000 cubic feet of historic documents and artifacts in more than 3500 collections—placing the AHC among the largest non-governmental archives in the nation.

UW Art Museum

Furthering programs that engage students and visitors in discussions that broaden an understanding of diverse perspectives, viewpoints, and cultures. The University of Wyoming Art Museum presents and collects world-class art and objects by regional, national and international artists and art from the American West.

Center for Blockchain and Digital Innovation

Pioneering breakthroughs in blockchain and digital technologies. Whether you’re a business major or not, blockchain is reshaping sectors like healthcare, agriculture, transportation and intellectual property, and you have this resource on your campus!

Center of Innovation for Flow Through Porous Media

Exploring innovative solutions in porous media flow. Investigate plant sciences deeper and gain insights into how water moves through soil, what is influencing plant growth, nutrient uptake and irrigation strategies.

Chemical Stockroom

Supplying faculty with needed materials for advancement and education.

Coe Student Innovation Center

Nurturing student-driven innovation and creativity. Studying history? Immerse yourself in historical events using virtual reality to grasp the subject even tighter and witness events first-hand.

Cybersecurity Education and Research Center

Leading the charge in cybersecurity research and education. Take your management studies to the next level by incorporating cybersecurity considerations into business strategies.

Data Science Center

A hub for harnessing the power of data through interdisciplinary collaboration. Interested in political science? Utilize the Data Science Center to analyze political campaigns, voter behavior and policy impacts based on data-driven insights.

Digital Scholarship Center

Fostering digital scholarship and exploration at the intersection of technology and academia. Many, if not all, majors can benefit from the digital technologies here. For example, if you’re studying religious studies, you can use these digital tools for analyzing religious texts, visualizing religious data and studying global religious trends.

Engineering Shop

Providing technical consulting and a wide variety of design and fabrication services to the UW community including students, faculty, staff and associated entities.

English Language Center

Offering services for pre-college, undergraduate, graduate and international students.

Extension Centers for Agricultural Research

Serving the citizens of Wyoming, the region and the nation by providing the faculty, staff and students of UW quality resources to excel in research, teaching and outreach. Extension supports fundamental and applied research on agriculture, natural and community resources.

Geological Museum

Supporting academic programs, scientific research and public education. The UW Geological Museum features a variety of displays including a 75-foot Apatosaurus skeleton and "Big Al," a display of the most complete Allosaurus fossil ever found.

IDeA Networks for Biomedical Research Excellence

Increasing education and research opportunities for undergraduate students to guide them into baccalaureate programs and advanced training in the biomedical sciences and to enhance the biomedical infrastructure within the state.

Innovation Wyrkshop

Cultivating a culture of innovation and problem-solving. Utilize our 3D printer to create detailed scale models of buildings and structures for your next architectural project or create customizable garments for an apparel design class.

Integrated Microscopy Core of Wyoming Sensory Biology Center

Enhancing the ability of researchers to elucidate how sensory systems work and how disease/pathological states occur. The IMC of the Wyoming Sensory Biology Center is a federally-listed active research core facility.

NCAR Wyoming Supercomputing Center (NWSC)

Contributing to high-performance computing and research. Take your geology and geophysics to the next level. Supercomputing can assist in simulating geological processes, such as seismic activity, tectonic plate movement and landform evolution.


Elevating research and educational capabilities through the National Science Foundation's EPSCoR program. Collaborate with EPSCoR and your Native American and Indigenous studies by addressing issues of cultural preservation, traditional knowledge and sustainability.


Giving University of Wyoming students practical, hands-on astronomy experience with five observatories.

Secure Systems Collaborative

Advancing research and development in secure systems and technologies. Expand your criminal justice knowledge by taking advantage of this resource and learn about cyber threats, digital forensics and investigating cybercrimes.

Shell 3D Visualization Center

Unveiling new dimensions of visualization through state-of-the-art technology. Explore our 3-D brain model to better understand brain anatomy in your psychology and health sciences courses.

Stable Isotope Facility

Providing quality isotopic analyses for the research community at UW and researchers world-wide. UW SIF offers a hands-on teaching and research facility for UW students, postdocs and faculty. We are engaged in development of novel analytical techniques for research in biological and earth system sciences.

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Extension Center

Comprised of 1,522 acres of dry land cropland, 349 acres of irrigated cropland, 1,880 acres of rangeland, 19 acres of irrigated organic cropland, 40 acres of dry land organic cropland, a feedlot and a livestock research laboratory all in one location, allowing insights into how best to use resources.

Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center

Seeks to provide clear, accurate, and useful information to decision-makers through applied social research, scientific polling, information technology services, and rigorous program evaluation.

Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center (WYGISC)

Pioneering geographical information science research and applications. Dive deep into art history and use GIS to understand how art was influenced by and influenced the physical environment, architecture and cultural landscapes of different eras.


Fostering biomedical research and collaboration through the National Institutes of Health INBRE program. Students studying nutrition and dietetics can engage in biomedical research related to diet’s impact on health, obesity, metabolic disorder and nutritional interventions.

Wyoming Water Resources Data System (WRDS)

Leveraging data for a deeper understanding of water resources. See how you can elevate your modeling, analysis and decision-making in your civil engineering classes with access to data about water levels, flow rates, rainfall and water quality.

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