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Our Mission is centered on the One Health concept. We provide quality animal disease diagnostic services; conduct research that impacts animal and human disease; and deliver instruction with experiential learning for students, veterinarians, and citizens of Wyoming, Rocky Mountain West and beyond.

Our Vision is to promote animal, human and environmental health through innovative and exemplary instruction, research, and diagnostic veterinary medicine.

Values important to us include service to others; respect for other cultures and lifestyles; high workplace standards; creativity in problem solving; work-life balance; and, appreciation of each others’ unique strengths to achieve our mission. 

  1. Meet the educational needs of students by providing them with knowledge about health and disease relevant to animals (livestock, wildlife, and companion animals) and zoonotic diseases, as well as experiential learning opportunities, and by helping them develop into independent learners.
  2. Advance understanding in the field of animal disease, and related disciplines (such as conservation genomics, zoonotic diseases) through basic and applied research.
  3. Operate the University of Wyoming Biocontainment Facility to advance understanding of select agent animal / human pathogens, especially those important in Wyoming, with the long-term goal of developing new approaches to disease control and prevention.
  4. Supply reliable, research-based information to policy makers and state agencies on disease issues.
  5. Provide continuing education programs on animal health issues for the veterinary profession, veterinary students, animal owners, and wildlife managers.
  6. Operate the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory as a nationally accredited animal health laboratory on behalf of the people of Wyoming.
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Department of Veterinary Sciences

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