Bucking the Bug


Help the future nursing and allied health workforce start their careers with a solid understanding of infection control theory and realities of practice.

The goal of Project Firstline is to educate early career healthcare workers and students in order to provide a solid foundation in the principles of infection control and the skills needed to keep themselves and their patients safe.  These training modules are a part of Project Firstline, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) innovative infection control training collaborative, and are designed to further integrate essential infection control training and practice into nursing and allied health curricula.

The modules are created by the CDC and are hosted by Dr. Abby Carlson. The micro-learning modules teach the basic principles of infection control, prevention of COVID-19, and use of infection control actions to protect you, your patients, your coworkers, and your community. 

Modules Include:

  • What’s the Goal of Infection Control?

  • Sars-Cov-2? Covid-19? What’s the Difference?

  • What’s a Virus?

  • What’s a Respiratory Droplet? Why Does it Matter?

  • How do Viruses Make You Sick?

  • How Do Viruses Spread From Surfaces To People?

  • How does COVID-19 spread? A Review

  • How Do I Safely Use a Multi-Dose Vaccine Vial? Part 1

  • How Do I Safely Use a Multi-Dose Vaccine Vial? Part 2

  • What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

  • Why is Eye Protection Recommended for COVID-19?

  • Why are Gloves Recommended for COVID-19?

  • Why are Gowns Recommended for COVID-19?

  • What is a Respirator?

  • What is an N95?

  • How Do I Test the Seal on my N95?

  • Cleaning? Disinfection? What is the Difference?

  • What is Ventilation?

  • Why Does Ventilation Matter?

  • What Do New COVID-19 Strains Mean for Infection Control?

  • Why Do Cleaning and Disinfection Matter in Healthcare?

  • Do We Really Have to Talk About Hand Hygiene? Again? Yes!

  • Why Does Contact Time Matter for Disinfection?

  • What is Source Control?

  • How Can COVID-19 Spread When You Don’t Feel Sick?

and more coming soon!

*Email WyCOA to sign up wycoa@uwyo.edu, before completing the link below!

Ideas for incorporating the modules into classes and training:

  • Require prior to clinical training or internship placements

  • Infuse into in-person or online classes

  • Offer as self-study or extra credit

  • Estimated completion time 5-10 minutes per module

**If you are faculty using these modules in your course please email wycoa@uwyo.edu before signing up!



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