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WyoCloud is the University of Wyoming’s Human Resources and Financial principal cloud solution. All HR-FIN administration transactions are processed through this system. In addition, WyoCloud transactions are used to generate reports and data visualizations.


WyoCloud provides a comprehensive solution for today's administrative demands and is a central location for our campus users to process administrative related transactions. 


  • Improve the quality and accuracy of information to make timely and informed decisions about where and how to invest resources 

  • Modernize processes and systems to allow faculty and staff members to focus more of their time and energy on the core mission of the University 

  • Provide new opportunities for employees to contribute to the University’s success 

  • Allow for integrated analytics and data reporting of student, financial, human resources and grant information, and other informational sources, from a single platform

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Guiding Principles


  • Be supportive of the academic, research, and service missions of the University by closely aligning decision making with the University’s strategic plan to meet priorities and expectations 

  • Be timely and current, and allow campus users to access both systems and data at their own inclination from both on-campus and remote locations 

  • Be flexible, comprehensive, and integrated allowing campus users to access, aggregate, and query information using user-defined criteria at all levels of the organization, and allow for any desired future changes or reorganization 

  • Be transparent and clear, be driven by a reliable, trusted data source to allow for sound data-driven analyses, and promote fiscal trust, responsibility, and accountability 

  • Be intuitive, easy to use, and easily trainable to ensure campus users at all levels are able to understand both the enterprise systems and the data they produce 

  • Be able to provide multiyear forecasting and strategic resource planning to ensure future strategic priorities are met at all levels of the organization

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