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UW Chemistry Graduate Training: Presentation Skills

As you transition from an undergraduate degree to a graduate degree part of the change will be a demand for less time spent doing research to more time spent presenting your ideas and results.  You will become responsible for attracting funding for your research and your ideas.  Presenting your ideas require verbal presentations and written documents.  At the University of Wyoming we provide formal courses for our students to learn how to prepare effective presentations for scientific conferences, job interviews, and corporate meetings.

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Verbal skills often begin with the preparation of visual aids.  The standard in academia and industry is PowerPoint.  We teach our students how to prepare effective PowerPoint presentations that illustrate the information in a format best suited for the situation.


Oral presentations require that both the message and the messenger be correct.  We help our students become effectual messengers through preparation skills and practice for conferences, workshops, business meetings, and job interviews with up-to-date templates and real examples of successful presentations.

Writing Skills

Verbal skills need to be matched with effective writing skills.  Post-graduate writing demands range from short abstracts, reports, journal articles, to research proposals.  Writing anyone of these for the first time is daunting.  They require technically precise writing, but they also require different styles to match the objective of the document.

We teach our students how to prepare professional articles, reports, and proposals from the first step of developing the ideas to the final formatting of the document.  Often the writing skills required for advanced degrees and chemistry professionals are left to be learned on-the–job.  Our classes prepare you before you even apply for jobs.

There are formal processes for writing effective documents.  These begin with idea development, outlines, presentation of data and concepts; all the way to submission of material through journal or agency portals.  At the University of Wyoming we recognize that the advanced degree goes far beyond course work and research in chemistry; our students leave with knowledge, experience, and template for their post-graduate success.



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