Graduate Research Opportunities

UW Chemistry

Graduate Research in the Department of Chemistry will give you:

  • Hands-on experience in cutting-edge research

  • Individual interaction with faculty

  • Training in the use of state-of-the-art instrumentation

The range of research conducted by our active research faculty covers all areas of modern chemistry including:

Analytical chemistryUniversity of Wyoming Chemistry research programs

About: Development of methods for the detection of molecules of environmental and medical importance; development of new battery materials.

Faculty: BasileDutta and Hill


Biological chemistry

About: Study of protein structure, dynamics, and folding; biomolecular solution and solid state NMR; antifreeze proteins; DNA recognition.  Includes bioinorganic, bioorganic and mass spectrometry.

Faculty: Basile and Lehmann

Inorganic chemistry

About: Design of metal-based anticancer agents; development of catalysts for industrial processes; computational analysis of industrially important processes.

Faculty: Hulley, Leonard, Oliveira and Parkinson 


Organic chemistry

About: Ligand design for metal-catalyzed reactions; carbohydrate methodology; drugs for photodynamic therapy; supramolecular chemistry; organic light-harvesting nanoassemblies; DNA synthesis; photochemically induced electron transfer; mechanisms of organic reactions; design of new pharmaceuticals.

Faculty: Clennan and Hoberg


Physical chemistry

About: Thermodynamic and kinetic understanding of amorphous solids and supercooled liquids; solid-state NMR spectroscopy; Raman and Brillouin scattering; calorimetry; high-pressure phase transformations; molecular spectroscopy; nonlinear optics; reaction dynamics

Faculty: AndersonLehmann and Zhou


University of Wyoming Chemistry research programs

Research Sub-topics



  Faculty: Hill, Hoberg, Leonard, and Zhou


   Faculty: Anderson, HillHoberg, Leonard, OliveiraParkinson and Zhou


  Faculty: Hill, Leonard, OliveiraParkinson and Zhou


   Faculty: Dutta, HillLeonardOliveira and Parkinson


   Faculty: Hoberg and Hulley

Photochemistry, photovoltaics and photophysics

  Faculty: Clennan, Hill, and Parkinson


  Faculty: Anderson, Clennan, Hill and Lehmann

Surface science (scanning microscopy using AFM & STM)

  Faculty: HillParkinson and Zhou

Theoretical chemistry

  Faculty: Anderson  

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