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Currently Enrolled Students: Forms and Info

We are happy to help answer any questions you have regarding our program and beyond!  Please use this page as your first stop for information, and contact the Chemistry Department or other faculty members you would be interest in working with for additional information. 

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Change of Major

Use: This form to change any one or a combination of the following: advisor, major, minor, option/concentration, college, and/or graduate status. You will be notified by e-mail or phone when the change has been made.
Why: Unless you keep the advisor initially assigned to you upon admittance into the program, you will need this form to designate your chosen academic advisor.


Program of Study

Use: This form provides UW and the Chemistry Department an update on your progress towards your degree.
Why: You cannot graduate without filling out this form. The form must be filled out by the end of the second semester of your graduate work.  Your Program of Study Form must be filed prior to taking your Preliminary PhD Exam.  More information can be found here.


Committee Assignment

Use: This form enables you to officially designate your thesis/dissertation committee members.
Why: You need a committee! You cannot have a program of study without a committee to assist you in planning your program.


Thesis Template

Use: This document provides all the information you need for formatting your thesis/dissertation.
Why: Not the most thrilling read, but loaded with important information (e.g., margin and font requirements, abstract format, etc.).


Report of Preliminary Examination (PhD students only)

Use: This document provides UW and the Chemistry Department that you have taken your Preliminary Exams. It must filed whether or not you pass or fail. The form must be signed by all members of your committee and should be brought to your Oral Exam.
Why: Once you pass your exam and submit the form, you become an official "PhD Candidate"! Then you have 4 years from the date of passing to graduate.


Graduation Information

Use: The link above provides access to a couple of forms that must be filled out prior to graduation, deadlines change every semester- so if you are approaching completion check this site frequently.
Why: You must complete these forms (and of course, pay a few fees) to ensure graduation.


Authorization of an Incomplete

Use: This form will enable you to request that a grade of "I" (incomplete) be assigned in a specific course. Your request will require approval by the professor of the course. The form can be completed online and will be sent electronically to the professor.
Why: Due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g., medical emergencies, family crisis), and you feel unable to complete a course by the end of the semester you can request an Incomplete. If granted, you will have 120 days to complete all course assignments/requirements (a request to extend the 120 day period to complete the course can also be filed).


Exception Request

Use: This form will enable you to request that the Registrar's Office add, drop, withdraw, or change the credit hours for a course after the usual enrollment deadlines have passed. Your request will require approval.
Why: Due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. medical issues) you may find yourself needing to add or drop a course after the "normal" registration period has passed.


Six Year Completion Rule of Master's Degree Petition Instructions

Use: This form will enable you to request that you be allowed to stay in the graduate program beyond the 6 year time limit. Your request will require approval.
Why: Well, after 6 years you should really be done, but unforeseen circumstance do occur.


Completion of the Doctoral Degree Within Four Years After Passing the Comprehensive Exam (Called the "Four Year Rule" form)

Use: This form will enable you to request that you be allowed to stay in the graduate program beyond 4 years after completion of your Exam. For instructions, see here
Why: Unforeseen circumstances occur that may delay degree completion.

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