Professional Development

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Professional development refers to the continued training and education of an individual in regards to his or her career. The goal of professional development is to keep you up-to-date on current trends as well as help you develop new skills for the purpose of advancement in the field.

Employees that engage in professional development will feel more confident knowing that they have the skills needed to succeed at their job. If an employee lacks a particular skill, he or she may question their work.

Set yourself apart by getting the essential skills--abilities that help people interact effectively with others--that employers value most, from communication fundamentals and being a team player to advancing your critical thinking skills.

The below tiles will link you to campus requested professional development topics. We have identified these as the leading topics on campus. As you navigate this page you find that each tile contains a collection of courses and videos related to that topic.  

If you have any questions regarding this page or the collections of training within please contact the HR Training Specialist at 766-5665. Each course provides a certificate after completion. Human Resources Training will add completed courses to your Employee LearnCenter transcript each week.