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three lovely young ladies composing the officer board
The new officers of the UW Alumni Association Nursing Chapter pictured above are (l-r):
Samantha Baker, Dani Johnson, and Ruth Lewis.


Updating officer board composition for 2017

This article is an update to the earlier article announcing the new UWAA Nursing Chapter Board. The makeup of board members has changed. Please scroll down to the new spotlight on Ruth Lewis (pictured, above right).

New officers named for coming year

In fall of 2016 UW nursing alumni voted for a new slate of officers for the young UWAA Nursing Chapter. President Dani Johnson ('13), Vice-President Samantha Baker ('16), and Secretary/Treasurer Ruth Lewis ('16) have already taken the reins from the previous and original board. The original board (or "transition" board) led the new chapter, which was formed only two years ago. The transition board was composed of Emily Hill ('13), President; Johnna French ('12), Vice-President; and Peter Skorcz ('15), Secretary/Treasurer.

New board members Johnson, Baker and Lewis have shared their individual hopes and vision for the chapter below. 

Dani Johnson ('13)
President, UWAANC

About Johnson:

Dani Johnson began her career working at Children's Hospital Colorado on the surgical specialty unit for two years. In 2015 she started travel nursing, first at Dallas, TX; then Alexandria, VA; and now in a pediatric sedation unit at OHSU in Portland, OR.

Johnson's Vision for UWAANC:

"This year as president" states Johnson, "I would like to.

  • .work toward building a community of nursing students, staff, and alumni.

  • .further develop a mentoring program with working nurses who have gone through all that students/new grads currently experience.

  • .be involved in the community as a whole. Discover ways to improve the nursing profession.

  • .work together with Wyoming community leaders and those who have moved out of state, creating ways to make a difference wherever we are."

Johnson continues, directing her comments to nursing students, staff, alumni, and community leaders: "I am looking forward to a great year, and can't wait to work with all of you!"


Samantha Baker ('16)

Vice-President, UWAANC

About Baker:

Samantha Baker began her nursing career following her recent graduation in 2016. She has been working at Albany County Public Health in Laramie, Wyoming.

Baker's Vision for UWAANC:

"As a recent graduate from the Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing," begins Baker, "I cannot fully explain the feelings surrounding the transition from student to professional. This enormous life shift is known to cause some anxiety, stress, and above all, overwhelming excitement. I truly believe the support and education provided by the University of Wyoming made this transition a smooth one."

Baker continues, "As Vice-President of the University of Wyoming Alumni Association Nursing Chapter, I greatly look forward to the opportunity.

  • to provide support--to passionate nursing students as well as to esteemed colleagues

  • to promote a nursing chapter that enhances both the individual and the profession

  • to use mentoring and collaboration to support the transition from student to professional

  • to promote collegiality."


Ruth Lewis (BSN, '16)
Secretary/Treasurer, UWAANC

About Lewis:

Ruth Lewis says she has been happily working at Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie on the Family Care Unit. She has been trained in mother/newborn care as well as Pediatrics. Coming up in April, she says she will expand her skills to include Labor and Delivery Training. Lewis says, "Every day I am using the nursing skills which I acquired in school. From daily skills such as IV starts and catheters, to new skills involving newborn care, I feel that my scope as a nurse is greatly improved with every shift. It is my hope to go on to Nurse Practitioner school in the next five years."

Lewis' Vision for UWAANC:

"My vision for the University of Wyoming Alumni Association Nursing Chapter," shares Lewis, "is to find a way to unite the nursing alumni and current nursing students.with our resources and intelligence as medical personnel. The Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing provides an incredible base of knowledge in which to start a nursing career, but it should be our job as alumni to make sure the emotional support and needs of students after graduation are being met."

Lewis says she would love to see the Alumni Association .

  • help students prepare successfully for their HESI and NCLEX exams.

  • show students what the first year in their nursing career will be like, and let them know what they can do now to better prepare for the transition.

  • help students to be their own best advocate when searching for their first job or while they are in their first interview.

Lewis concludes, "I would love to help ease the challenging transition of Nursing Student to Working Nurse, empowering new grads to both love their new jobs and look for opportunities to learn and grow."


More about the UW Alumni Association Nursing Chapter


Story posted: 12/15/2016 with update on 3/7/2017

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