UW Giving Day November 28 2017

Reflecting on UW's annual “Giving Day”--

Tuesday, November 28--thank you for your continual support for the Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing. How we treasure you!  Read below the many ways your giving has impacted the nursing program, students and alumni!

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Thank you for giving toward SCHOLARSHIPS

BECAUSE OF YOU, over 100 nursing students have been awarded scholarships this 2017-18 academic year to assist with their educational expenses. Doctor of Nursing Practice student Tamara Mason (pictured here with her family) says, “The wonderful scholarship I received has lessened my financial worries, and I am able to spend more time with my family and less time working and stressing. My life would not be the same without scholarship opportunities! Immensely grateful!!”

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Thank you for helping SNA students TRAVEL

BECAUSE OF YOU, it has been possible to send Student Nursing Association (SNA) officers to the national SNA meeting, inspiring students further into nursing leadership. UNEXPECTED RESULTS... Last year Sarah Boyer (middle), SNA president, went to the conference with fellow officers Brooke Lensegrav, Taryn Bales-Montgomery and Ashton Peterson (all pictured to the left). Boyer says, “I am so thankful for the opportunity the school of nursing and Health Sciences Dean Joe Steiner provided." As a direct result of attending the conference, Boyer was inspired to organize a DKMS Bone Marrow Donor Registration drive this fall in Laramie, registering 75 students to become potential donors. HOW DID ATTENDING THE CONFERENCE INFLUENCE SUCH AN ACTION? Boyer shares: "A motivational speaker [at the conference] talked about his personal experience with cancer and how lucky he was to be matched with a donor. The four of us talked about how important being on the registry is, so Taryn, Brooke, Ashton, and I registered to become bone marrow donors." Boyer continues, "Without attending this conference, I would never have thought to organize a drive to potentially match individuals in need." SO HOW DID THE SCHOOL HELP SNA ATTEND THE CONFERENCE? "With the help of the school and Health Sciences Dean Joseph Steiner, we were able to reduce some of the financial burden," says Boyer. "Dean Steiner funded our hotel in Dallas, which made it possible for us to take an extra board member. The funding from the School of Nursing also helped us pay for some of our flights, which also allowed us to take a fourth member." We started this post with THANKS, and now END it with THANKS! Boyer concludes, "All we learned at the conference we were able to bring back to share with our fellow students. Attending the National SNA conference in Dallas, Texas is something I will forever remember and be thankful for."

UW student listening to Honduran child's heart

Thank you for assisting MORE student travel...

BECAUSE OF YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT...students find assistance to travel to our Honduras Clinic (Pictured is former student Nicole Cova assessing an Honduran child's health while on the nursing brigade to Honduras. "This was such a valuable nursing experience! said Cova. "There is so much to learn about public health and the obstacles of rural medicine in a country like this!" Also, two students per year are chosen to travel to the AACN Policy Summit in Washington, DC, learning how to advocate for the nursing profession. Students also receive assistance to travel to the Western Institute of Nursing conference to present their research in conjunction with Professor Jenifer Thomas' Research Lab.

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Thank you for supporting the MARCIA DALE ASPIRE SCHOLARS Program

BECAUSE OF YOU, the Marcia Dale Aspire Scholars Program develops leaders in nursing to advance the profession. Each year we graduate up to four Aspire scholars, launching them from UW prepared to be leaders in nursing. LEARNING ABOUT LEADERSHIP: Marcia Dale Aspire Scholars have the opportunity to meet and learn from many great nurse leaders. The highlight of their time in the Aspire program is attending the American Nurses Association Quality Conference in their senior year. Madison Vigil, one of our inaugural Aspire graduates who now works at Denver Children's Hospital, said of the conference, "We were able to attend seminars presented by nurses from around the country about improving quality care. The research that was done was incredible. It was inspiring to see nurses who recognized issues and did research to try to improve these issues. It motivated me to be actively involved in my patients’ care and invested in their well-being. Bedside nurses can be very influential leaders. They see issues first hand and have the ability to advocate for their patients to improve patient care. This conference inspired me to act as a leader in every position that I hold." THANK YOU for making these opportunities possible, for investing in these future nursing leaders. PICTURED: 2018 ASPIRE SCHOLARS GRADUATES with Bill Dale (Husband of the late Dean Marcia Dale, after whom the program was named.) From left (bottom) to right (top): Kelsey Wilbers, Lauren Mochowski, Bill Dale, Paige Leonard, and Sara Pepper.

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Thank you for supporting the CLINICAL SIMULATION CENTER

Because of all of you who contribute financially to the UW Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing, our Clinical Simulation Center boasts the latest in simulation technology to best prepare nurses for an endless variety of scenarios. Pictured is Joanne Prahl, Assistant Coordinator of the Clinical Simulation Center. "I assist with setting up simulations," says Prahl, "to mimic the reality of a clinical environment with a design to demonstrate procedures, promote decision making and critical thinking. Simulation helps give context (fully understood and assessed) to the skills the students are learning in their courses."

Sixteen faces of UW Nursing distinguished alumni

Thank you for partnering with us to honor DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI

BECAUSE OF YOU, we are empowered to encourage alumni who go above and beyond in their careers, bringing them to campus to inspire students and other alumni to follow in their steps. ONE WAY WE ENCOURAGE ALUMNI is through the presentation of our annual Distinguished Alumni Award during the fall UW Homecoming activities. This year's recipient of the award is Johnna French, BSN, CLC ('11). Her nominators recommended her for the award based on her work in and passion for Public Health Nursing and her outstanding involvement and contributions to the community. DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI PLATFORM: French was thrilled to be able to further promote Public Health Nursing from the platform of the Distinguished Alumna title. Part of the Homecoming festivities included a luncheon with nursing student leaders in Student Nurses Association and the Marcia Dale Aspire Scholars Program. French had the opportunity to discuss her Public Health Nursing career and answer questions from the assembled students. She also sat on the Health Sciences Interdisciplinary Panel for an engaging discussion, where alumni here for Homecoming could participate and benefit from the wisdom of the panel members. DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Lessons in nursing leadership! Be looking for the addition of French's video to the compilation of previous UW Nursing Distinguished Alumni videos, a resource meant to give students concrete examples of nursing leadership in action: https://www.uwyo.edu/nursing/alumni/verbal-history.html

female student signing the Nightingale Pledge

Thank you for providing support for the Nightingale Ceremony

BECAUSE OF YOU, we are assisted in holding the Nightingale Ceremony each fall, where students from the traditional Basic BSN program as well as the accelerated BRAND program learn about and then sign a pledge to uphold the standards and ethics of the nursing profession. Prior to the signing of the pledge, an alumni speaker and a student leader step forth to explain the pledge and to give examples of such ethics employed in the workplace. Such a crucial beginning for these students as they set out to join "the most trusted profession"!

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Thank You for Giving to Nursing!

We appreciate you so much. Thank you for supporting the nursing program, nursing students, and alumni!

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