Junior students honored with 2017 summer internships

top row l-r: Lindsay Rockvam, Lauren Mochowski, Ashton Peterson, Paige Leonard, Sara Pepper
bottom row l-r: Morgan Jacobs, Nicole McConnell, Emily Zachman, Brooke Lensegrav, and Ryan Russi


Students have exciting summer ahead

Ten University of Wyoming Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing juniors (who will be seniors as soon as coursework is successfully completed this month!) will be heading off to summer internships shortly. Internships [some agencies call them externships] are highly sought after by students, and usually applied for in the fall. Typically agencies that offer summer internships are offering them to students who will be senior year BSN candidates by summer. To qualify, they must have completed their junior year in a BSN program as well as at least one clinical rotation prior to the start of summer placement.

The value of Internships/Externships

These summer learning experiences give the students the skills to "hit the ground running" in the senior year. Professor Kim Raska-Miller, who oversees clinical placements for course-related clinicals, says these valuable internships equip the students with "the confidence and preparation to handle the rigors of the senior capstone clinical course."  The course she mentions is the last course the nursing students take prior to graduation, always offered in the spring semester of the senior year (spring 2018 for these students).

How to find Internship/Externship opportunities

Students often find out about the agencies that offer externships by attending the annual UW Nursing and Health Professions Career Fair in the fall. Next fall's fair date will be set and noted on the web site within the next month through the UW Nursing & Health Professions Career Fair. Check the nursing home page for the career fair updates!

From the students

Scroll down to read quotes from the nine students about their upcoming internships. A hearty congratulations to each!


Page updated 5/4/2017

Morgan Jacobs, 2017 Internship Winner

Morgan Jacobs

Morgan won an internship this summer at UCHealth in Fort Collins/Loveland. "I do not know where I will be placed yet," she says, "like ICU, ER, NICU, etc., but I am really looking forward to getting more clinical experience, especially in areas that I haven't spent much time in. I'm also excited to help narrow down what concentration I would like to have once I graduate. I'm mainly just grateful for the experience and the ability to practice nursing over the summer!"

Brooke Lensegrav, 2017 Internship Winner

Brooke Lensegrav

Brooke won an internship in the VA Valor program in Cheyenne. Brooke says, "I am looking forward to working with the veterans most of all, but I am also excited to get some experience in the emergency department. It is a huge opportunity, and I honestly cannot wait for all aspects of the internship."

Paige Leonard, 2017 Internship Winner

Paige Leonard

"I received the UCHealth internship for the summer," says Leonard. "I am most looking forward to experiencing situations in a large hospital that can provide all different types of care. I believe this internship will help strengthen my nursing skills and make me a better RN for the future!"

Nicole "Nikki" McConnell, 2017 Internship Winner

Nicole "Nikki" McConnell

"I am doing a summer internship at UCHealth in Northern Colorado this summer," says McConnell. "I am looking forward to being completely immersed in nursing care for the whole summer and the chance to practice my skills more. I am nervous but really excited!"

Lauren Mochowski, 2017 Internship Winner

Lauren Mochowski

"I got an internship with UCHealth this summer at either their Loveland or Fort Collins location," says Mochowski. "I'm most looking forward to learning as much as I can from this experience and embracing this opportunity to grow as a nurse. I'll be on the cardiac floor, so I'm very excited to learn more about this type of nursing!"

Sara Pepper, 2017 Internship Winner

Sara Pepper

"I will be interning with UCHealth this summer at Poudre Valley Hospital or Medical Center of the Rockies!" exclaims Sara Pepper. "I am looking forward to using the skills I have learned this past year and absorbing all the information and experiences I possibly can. I hope to be able to bring these experiences back to Wyoming next school year and use them in my clinical and capstone."

Ashton Peterson, 2017 Internship Winner

Ashton Peterson

Ashton has an internship in Bismarck, North Dakota at St. Alexius hospital. She says, "I'm mostly looking forward to experiencing OR [Operating Room] nursing, because it is something that I'm really interested in." Peterson says she is excited to find out what all the OR nursing specialty has to offer.

Lindsay Rockvam, 2017 Internship Winner

Lindsay Rockvam

Lindsay Rockvam is also doing an internship through UCHealth this summer, and shares, "I am most excited for the opportunity to become more comfortable in the patient setting and expand on the nursing skills I learned during the school year."

Ryan Russi, 2017 Internship Winner

Ryan Russi

Russi is also doing a UCHealth internship in Fort Collins/Loveland this summer. "I'm most excited to be able to further develop my nursing skills," says Russi, "and hopefully be able to learn about a field of nursing that I am not familiar with!"

Emily Zachman, 2017 Internship Winner

Emily Zachman

"I will be doing the summer nursing internship with UCHealth," says Zachman. "I am most excited to have more hands-on experience throughout the summer as well as experiencing specialties that I will not likely be exposed to while in nursing school."

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