Nursing Faculty: Top Profs

four women--two faculty and two students--in separate portrait pictures

Above: "Top Prof" Professor Elizabeth Goodwin and her student nominator Kelsey Fullerton;
and nominating student Morgan Jacobs and her "Top Prof" Professor Sherrie Rubio-Wallace


Senior Nursing Students/Mortar Board Members Choose "Top Profs"

Kelsey Fullerton and Morgan Jacobs, both members of the Cap and Gown Chapter of the Mortar Board honorary, have chosen their nursing professors Elizabeth Goodwin and Sherrie Rubio-Wallace respectively for recognition as "Top Profs".

From December 14, 2017 UW news article, "UW Mortar Board Honors ‘Top Profs’"

Members of the Cap and Gown Chapter of Mortar Board selected professors who have positively influenced their lives at UW. These professors go beyond normal classroom expectations to help their students succeed.

“‘Top Prof’ is a great event, as it allows students to recognize the faculty who have had an impact on their lives,” says Christine Wade, an associate professor in the UW Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, and an adviser to the UW chapter. “Faculty are especially honored to be recognized as ‘Top Profs,’ because they are chosen by the students.”

Mortar Board is the premier national honor society recognizing college seniors for outstanding achievement in scholarship, leadership and service. Mortar Board provides opportunities for continued leadership development, promotes service to colleges and universities, and encourages lifelong contributions to the global community. UW chapter members participate in numerous projects and activities throughout the year, both on campus and in the Laramie community.

About Elizabeth Goodwin and nominator Kelsey Fullerton

Kelsey Fullerton spoke the following about her "Top Prof" at the fall event: "I nominated Professor Goodwin as my Top Prof because she has always been there for me and exudes the excellence I hope to see in all my professors. She was my advisor all four years of college and an outstanding professor for multiple classes. Professor Goodwin is selfless, loving, and hilarious. She made sure to put us, her students, first and adjusted her schedules or deadlines based on us. She doesn't believe in busy work, and everything we did in her classes had a purpose: to make us prepared for our future as nurses. Professor Goodwin is realistic and understanding, a combination not often found. She is a remarkable woman who deserves all the praise for her hard work in many years of nursing and her dedication to her students as a professor. She inspires me and is everything I aspire to be as a nurse."

Nominator Kelsey Fullerton is from Blue Springs, Missouri. Her capstone clinical placement this spring semester will be at Premier Bone and Joint as well as Albany County Public Health. "I am very excited to see the differences in the areas on nursing," says Fullerton, "due to the vast differences in facilities." Fullerton says she plans to use her nursing degree in the pediatric field. "I hope to get a job in a pediatric oncology new graduate program," she says--maintaining the same goal she had when beginning her nursing studies as a member of the UW Marcia Dale Aspire Scholars Program.

About Sherrie Rubio-Wallace and nominator Morgan Jacobs

Morgan Jacobs read the following about her "Top Prof" at the affair held in the fall semester: "Professor Rubio-Wallace is truly the definition of an angel. She has not only been a professor and advisor to me, but she has also touched the lives of everyone that has had the chance to meet her. The compassion she shows for her patients and her students is evident. When talking about them her face lights up and one can see how much she truly cares. She also manages to balance a home life with her children, and still makes each person feel so special by giving them her full attention. She gives her whole heart to everyone, and I am lucky to have met and been taught by such a selfless woman."

Nominator Morgan Jacobs is from Sheridan, Wyoming. As a senior nursing student this spring of 2018, Morgan will close out her baccalaureate studies at UW with her capstone clinical course. She will be stationed for the entire semester at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center in the "PACU/SDS" units (Post Anesthesia Care Unit / Same Day Surgery). After she graduates she says she hopes to work "somewhere in Colorado in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)." She elaborates: "I had an internship in the labor and delivery/NICU unit in Colorado last summer, and it really made me fall in love with the unit and made me want to make a career there."  


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