Animal Care and Use

  • If you have an immediate animal health concern please contact Dr. Lon Kendall (UW Attending Veterinarian) at,, or 970-980-4751.
  • General IACUC-related questions may be directed to Dr. Kevin Shimkus (Research Compliance Manager) at

2024 Steam Shutdown Note:

The annual steam shutdown will take place Friday, June 28th through Tuesday, August 6th across UW’s campus and may result in a loss of hot water, which could affect researchers’ ability to properly sanitize their animal cages and equipment due to possible autoclave shutdown.  Researchers are expected to continue sanitizing their caging and related equipment during the steam shutdown, and may therefore be required to find other means of cage cleaning & sterilization.  Investigators should speak with their departments to determine the status of their hot water and/or steam access during the shutdown period.  The following guides offer possible solutions during this time to ensure that exceptional animal care & researcher safety is maintained.

The UW IACUC and UW Office of Research Integrity & Compliance are here to help.  Please email with any questions or concerns about the steam shutdown.

UW IACUC Calendar

IACUC 2024-2025 Meeting Schedule and Proposal Due Dates

ROAMWyo Animal Oversight Access

ROAMWyo can be accessed here. 

ROAMWyo Instructions & Training 

Self-guided ROAMWyo Training:

ROAMWyo Support


Email Support

  • Specific questions about Animal Oversight should be directed to  


Reporting Issues

  • If you find a minor issue (typo, grammatical error, etc.) that does not alter your submission, you can report it here.  This Qualtrics survey will let us track minor issues/complaints and allow us to continually improve the module.
  • If you have a major issue (question logic problem, inability to continue, etc.) that prevents you from submitting your form, please reach out to




Please note: all animal use protocols are now handled in ROAMWyo’s Animal Oversight module.  See ROAMWyo Sections above.



Please note:

  • At minimum, all UW researchers involved with live animal work must complete the CITI Course “Working with the IACUC”.
  • Additional species- and technique-specific training is highly encouraged.


Animal Occupational Health & Safety Program

For information on this mandatory program for animal users please visit here.


Additional Resources

Sample Size Calculations

Report an Animal Concern

Please use the link below and fill out the form to the best of your ability. Per UW policies, you are protected from retaliation for voicing your concerns, but please be aware that there is always some risk for reporting.  The link will allow you to remain anonymous if you choose to do so. but anonymous complaints may make it more difficult to provide additional information to better help investigate these claims. 

Report a research concern




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