Second Year Students

Second Year Students


The WWAMI program reserves twenty seats each year for qualified Wyoming residents.The current WWAMI class began course work in August, 2018 and will complete 18 months of studies here at the University of Wyoming before moving on to clerkships. Their third and fourth years of study are spent at selected clinical sites throughout the WWAMI region.



  Student Profiles

Students were asked to submit information for their profiles. Click on the student name to view.
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Alexis Anderson


birchAdam Blaine


brownd Caleb Brackett


hanekMarcus Couldridge

codyh Rida Fatima

joshhAmanda Golden

aleverDaulton Grube

smazeAllana Hall


Jesse Hinshaw



Reno Maldonado


Sean McCue


Conner Morton

robertson Reed Ritterbusch

etrottLogan Taylor


saltz Trey Thompson

etrottElliott Trott


Ryan Winchell


Renae Wollman


Aleksandra Zarzycka


Jacob Zumo


Foundations of Clinical Medicine (FCM) College Tutorial Groups

Students practice the comprehensive history and physical with hospitalized patients, observed by College mentors who provide immediate formative feedback on their skills.  During the second half of each tutorial, College mentors return to see each patient with the group of students, to demonstrate interviewing and exam techniques at the bedside.  Students perform oral case presentations and complete write-ups for each patient, which are also reviewed by the mentor.




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First year WWAMI students, spend time working with physicians in the Laramie and Cheyenne communities in order to gain hands on experience and improve clinical skills.

Students are assigned to preceptors for the fall and spring of their first year.  Click photo to view