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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

What is WyoCast?

WyoCast is the process of capturing sound, video, computer images, and presentations and wrapping it all up in a package that can be viewed live (real-time) or later, on demand, using a simple Internet connection. Viewers can watch captured lectures in their entirety, or in specific sections, by simply selecting a slide in the presentation. From there, they have the ability to skip, fast forward, and rewind throughout the recording. This technology will allow classroom lectures to be available to students on the web and can be utilized in the recording and streaming of special events, supplemental material and much more.

Types of Uses

Classroom lectures

Use this technology to preserve lectures and make them available on the Web. Who can use these captured sessions?


  • Review materials presented in class
  • Prepare and study for exams
  • Reinforce learning


  • Share with your peers
  • Review your own lectures (self-review)
  • Save them for the next semester or next year to repost

Guest lecturers, special presentations, and events

Use the technology to expand the audience of a guest speaker or let students critique their own presentations. Examples of uses are:

  • Presidential Speaker Series
  • Symposia
  • Guest lecturer
  • Student projects and presentations
  • Faculty forums
  • Convocations
  • Training

Where is Wyocast permanently installed and available for scheduling requests?

  • Ag Auditorium
  • Berry Center
  • Classroom Building rooms 105, 129, 133, 209, 215, 310
  • Energy Innovation Center (IEC)
  • Engineering
  • Visual Arts 109, 111

See the Presenting, Capturing, and Archiving FAQs for more information about arranging to use the WyoCast system.

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Classroom Capture
Have you ever heard of classroom capture technologies? Would your students benefit from being able to review your lectures after class is over? One UW student used the phrase, "TiVo for lectures" to describe this rapidly growing technology development in higher education, and he is excited to see this service come to UW to serve the students and faculty.

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