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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Protect Your On-Campus Computer

Protect your data, protect your identity, and help protect the University network and critical administrative data. Here you will find tools and instructions that will help keep your UW office computer up-to-date with the latest security technologies for networked PCs. Included in this section are articles that define many computer security terms and explain why they are important to you and to the University.

Computers Are Not Toasters

Great, easy to read explanation of the need to keep your computer healthy. Kudos to Indiana University for a nice piece of text.

Microsoft Endpoint Protection Antivirus information

Personal Services Available to Home Users

Spyware & Adware removal: information and links to tools located under "Protect your PC from spyware…"

Software Patches and Updates:
Keep your computer operating system and programs up to date and secure.

Software Update Services (SUS)
UW takes care of the critical Windows OS patches for you

Network and Internet Security

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