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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

WyoCast Presenter In-Room Checklist for the Classroom Building

When preparing for a WyoCast session, check these items to ensure a smooth recording.

  • Make sure the classroom system is on. This means that the screen(s) are down and that the projector(s) are on.
  • Make sure the confidence monitor is on (it is the monitor on the table next to the podium)
    • You should be able to see yourself in the upper left window.
    • The computer should be shown in the lower left window.
  • Make sure your presentation is cued up.
    • Your PowerPoint should be open on the computer and selected to the projector(s).
    •  If you are using a DVD or VHS make sure it is in the player.
  • Make sure the wireless mic is turned on and working.
    • To double check the mic look at the digital audio meter on the top left side of the confidence monitor. When you speak the meter should respond.
  • Locate the pieces of white tape on the carpet. If you step outside of these pieces you will step out of the camera frame. (Rooms 129 and 133)

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