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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Fraternity/Sorority House Internet Connections

Network/Internet access is provided to the UW Fraternities and Sororities by Information Technology via an Ethernet switch installed in each house. This network connection provides for data exchange between computer systems connected to the UW network and provides access to computers and systems worldwide via links to the "Internet".

Information Technology is responsible for maintenance of the Ethernet switch, the network, and the fiber connection between the Ethernet switch and the network.

Each Fraternity and Sorority will be responsible for all internal building cabling, including jumper cables that connect to the Ethernet switch. Internal building cabling must be category 5 UTP cable that conforms to EIA/TIA 568-B telecommunications standards and local and national electrical codes and must be installed by a qualified electrical contractor (view a diagram of installation hardware). Houses may wish to contract with UW Telecommunications for this service. Each Fraternity and Sorority will be responsible for all computer hardware and the software installed on computers that are connected to the network.

A monthly fee of $100 plus a one time connection fee of $45 will be charged for each Fraternity or Sorority building. Houses may request disconnection at any time. There is a $45 fee to reconnect. A service agreement contract must be completed and filed with the IT Telecom Help Desk in room 326, Information Technology Center (ITC).

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