Treatment of Produced Water and Rare Earth Element Resource Cost

This study grew from the conclusions of a previous study, which showed that samples from Wyoming Basin produced waters (n=53) had unique enrichment patterns featuring high europium and an unexplained bi-modal behavior of heavy rare earths. This unique behavior in the Wyoming samples merited further investigation at an increased density in previously studied Wyoming basins and also in unexamined Wyoming basins. The researchers collected new samples from the Laramie Basin and re-sampled the Powder River Basin. These samples were treated with micro filtration and nano-filtration. Further treatments may be attempted as the project moves into it's second year.

The water produced from treatment will be analyzed at UW and compared to pre-treatment. The resulting data will show how effective nano-filtration can be at cleaning up what is currently waste water for benificial use, such as crops, grazing, and industrial processes.


A PhD candidate, Mahdi, checking the pH and conductivity of a sample.

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