University of Wyoming banners hanging in the Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center

University of Wyoming Giving Day


On October 17, 1969, fourteen Black University of Wyoming (UW) football players were dismissed from the University of Wyoming football team for wanting to ask the question if they could stand up against racial injustice together. They became known as the Black 14. Nearly 50 years later, the University of Wyoming issued an official apology to them. Their story has appeared in numerous Wyoming media outlets, the Washington Post, CNN, the New York Times and various other national websites/newspapers/radio stations/TV stations including international publications in Johannesburg, South Africa; Namibia, Africa; London, and India. I am very happy with the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’s role in helping make this happen. The most recent article about them appeared Saturday, November 30, 2019 in the Washington Post.   

On Giving Day, we ask that you help continue their legacy by contributing to an endowment to honor the Black 14’s promotion of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice by creating a pipeline program for Black students to attend the University of Wyoming. Giving starts December 3, 2019 at midnight. Give early and your contribution could be eligible for doubling. As funds are available, $25 becomes $50 and a $50 contribution becomes $100. Visit the link to make your donation. Thank you!

More about the Black 14 Social Justice Summer Institute:

The Black 14 Social Justice Summer Institute is a multi-day overnight program that provides Black high school students with the opportunity to research contemporary issues related to and important to the Black community at the local, state, national, and world-wide levels. At the same time, the institute strives to have a positive impact on the college completion rate of Black students. The six-year college completion rate for Black students is 38 percent when nationally 54.8 percent of all college students complete college within six years. The Black 14 Social Justice Summer Institute will introduce Black high school students to curricular and co-curricular engagement opportunities along with UW mentoring and support while they are still enrolled in high school.

The Black 14 Social Justice Summer Institute utilizes the history of the Black 14 as an entry point for students to learn about social justice, resistance to social injustice, and oppression. Participants will enhance their knowledge of social justice, leadership, teamwork, and communication skills that facilitate positive change, while exposing them to the experiences of living, researching, and studying at the University of Wyoming. The students will also be introduced to persistence strategies for successful attainment of their college degrees and personal resilience for lifelong success. Participants will live in the residence halls and dine on campus. Information provided will give support for admissions, registration, and financing a college education, while experiencing the unique culture and natural environment of Wyoming. This initiative is being led by members of the Black 14, the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and the Social Justice Research Center in collaboration with the broader UW campus community.


Members of the Black 14 watching the Wyoming Football Team warm up prior to the football game. Members of the Black 14 with a UW Staff Member.Members of the Black 14 Receiving a life time achievement award.
b14b14Members of the Black 14 with the staff of the Office of Diversity, Equity, and InclusionMembers of the Black 14 at the Wyoming Student Union.