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Payroll Related Information

The university offers an online version of your W-2 which can be accessed through HCM. If you have not already done so, please consider changing your W-2 delivery preferences to online only. This not only conserves our world's resources but also saves the university a lot of time and money.

Adding/Editing Direct Deposit/Payment Methods for Payroll: are instructions that will walk you through how to enter and update your direct deposit information. Please make sure to scroll all the way down to add a Payment Method as well if you make any changes to your account. If you do not your money will either go to the previous account or come through as a check.

All full-time non-exempt and hourly employees must report time. Enter Time in HCM: are the instructions to do so. Please make sure you use the correct time reporting code for your position (i.e. regular hours for full-time versus hourly hours for part-time).

Some departments are eligible for on-call pay. If you are apart of one of these departments please follow On-Call Time Entry instructions.


Request an Absence with one assignment 

Request an Absence with multiple assignments 

As of right now you can report more than one type of absences a day.

You can check your absence balance in HCM to better prepare for future absences.

Reviewing and Editing Your W-4: are instructions to review and edit your W-4.