Promoting Intellectual Engagement Award

2016 Award Recipients

The Promoting Intellectual Engagement (PIE) Award honors instructors who inspire excitement, inquiry, and autonomy in first-year courses.  Recipients of the PIE Award are nominated on-line by sophomore students, and then selected by a committee based on thoughtfulness and volume of student nominations.  Student's descriptions of nominees reveal the heart of excellence in lower-division instruction, courses that comprise the foundation of students' college experience and the crucial seed of intellectual self-awareness.

The PIE Award is co-sponsored by LeaRN, Ellbogen CTL, Residence Life & Dining, and Center for Advising and Career Services.

David Anton


Jennifer Andersen

Wyoming Natural Diversity

Cecelia Aragon

Latina/o Studies
Theatre & Dance

 Laura Arroyo

Modern & Classical Languages

Thomas Bailey

Computer Science

Todd Cornish

Veterinary Science

Ellen Currano


John Boman

Criminal Justice

Laura De Lozier

Modern and Classical Languages

James Creel

University Honors Program

Mike Edson


David Estes


Tyler Fall

Religious Studies
University Honors Program

Ben Herdt

Center for Advising &
Career Services

Audrey Kleinsasser

WY School/Univ Partnership

Jason McConnell

Political Science

Tareq Dalgamoni


Noah Miles

Modern & Classical Languages

Cindy Vadnais


Monia Haselhorst


Tricia Johnson

Elementary & Early Childhood

Bethann Merkle

Creative Writing

Chip Kobulnicky

Physics and Astronomy

Rachel Watson

Molecular Biology

Nathan Vasek


John Willford

Molecular Biology

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