Promoting Intellectual Engagement Award

2021 Award Recipients

The Promoting Intellectual Engagement (PIE) Award honors instructors who inspire excitement, inquiry, and autonomy in first-year courses. Recipients of the PIE Award are nominated on-line by sophomore students, and then selected by a committee based on thoughtfulness and volume of student nominations. Student's descriptions of nominees reveal the heart of excellence in lower-division instruction, courses that comprise the foundation of students' college experience and the crucial seed of intellectual self-awareness.

Recipients will be honored at a reception in September (tentatively).  The PIE Award is co-sponsored by LeaRN, Ellbogen CTL, Residence Life & Dining, and Advising, Career Services & Exploratory Studies.

- Rich Adams, Anthropology

- Brian Barber, Life Science

- Diana Baumbach, Visual & Literary Arts

- Paul Bergstraesser, English

- Aysenur Bicer, Physics & Astronomy

- Cameron Blais, English

- Melissa Butler, Mathematics & Statistics

- Joseph Carver, Music

- Joshua Clapp, Psychology

- Madison Clark, Communication & Journalism

- Tessa Dallarosa, Visual & Literary Arts

- Frederick Dixon, Culture Gender & Social Justice

- Jefferson Edgens, Ag & Applied Economics

- Tyler Fall, Philosophy & Religious Studies

- Mary Fenton, Honors College

- Garrett Genereux, Campus Recreation

- Matt Gray, Psychology

- Shawn Griffiths, Civil & Architectural

- Lori Howe, Honors College

- Shelby Hutson, LeaRN

- Randa Jabbour, Plant Sciences

- Catherine Johnson, LeaRN

- Patrick Kelley, Zoology & Physiology

- Christina Knox, Mathematics & Statistics

- Jennifer Kreiser, Accounting & Finance

- Sarah Lee, Family & Consumer Sciences

- Mark Lyford, Botany

- Andrew Meyer, English

- Rudiger Michalak, Physics & Astronomy

- Jennifer Painter, Kinesiology

- Mark Person, Modern & Classical Languages

- Josh Sainz, American Studies

- Adriana Salgueiro, Modern & Classical Languages

- Jacqueline Shinker, Geography

- Ann Stebner-Steele, Honors College

- John Willford, WWAMI

- Kassandra Willingham, Molecular Biology

- Yan Zhang, Modern & Classical Languages

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