2024 PIE Award Winners

Promoting Intellectual Engagement Award

LeaRN Program

The Promoting Intellectual Engagement (PIE) Award recognizes and honors instructors who inspire excitement, inquiry, and autonomy in first-year courses. Recipients of the PIE Award are nominated by freshmen and sophomore students in an on-line survey, and then selected by a committee based on thoughtfulness and volume of student nominations. Student's descriptions of nominees reveal the heart of excellence in lower-division instruction, courses that comprise the foundation of students' college experience and the crucial seed of intellectual self-awareness.

Recipients will be honored at the 15th annual PIE Award reception on Thursday, April 25th in Wyoming Union Yellowstone Ballroom. The PIE Award is co-sponsored by LeaRN, Ellbogen CTL, Center for Advising and Career Services ACES, Dean of Students Office, and Residence Life & Dining.

2024 Award Recipients

  • Navamoney Arulsamy, Chemistry
  • Dan Auerbach, Criminal Justice & Sociology
  • Rebekah Bennick, Accounting & Finance
  • Aysenur Bicer, Physics & Astronomy
  • Andrew Brasile, UW Developmental Math
  • Ashley Burchett, English
  • Kayla Burd, Psychology
  • Nathan Clements, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Timothy Collier, Ecosystem Science & Management
  • Bree Doering, Anthropology
  • Tyler Fall, Philosophy & Religious Studies; Honors College
  • Susanna Goodin, Philosophy & Religious Studies
  • Janice Grover-Roosa, Libraries Education & Research Services
  • Esther Hartsky, Communication Disorders
  • Harvey Hix, Philosophy & Religious Studies
  • Lori Howe, Honors College
  • Shelby Hutson, LeaRN
  • O’Neil Jones, Music
  • Maureen King, School of Teacher Education
  • Christina Knox, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Jennifer Kreiser, Accounting & Finance
  • Hosanna Krienke, Honors College
  • Mark Lyford, Botany
  • Graham Marema, English
  • Daniel McCoy, Haub School of Environment & Natural Resources
  • Felix Naschold, Economics
  • Jonathan Prather, Life Sciences Program
  • David Riedel, English
  • David W. Riedl, LeaRN
  • Joe Russo, School of Teacher Education
  • Joe Schroer, School of Teacher Education
  • Brian Sebade, Ecosystem Science & Management
  • Mitzi Stewart, Communication & Journalism
  • Ogechi Ukazu, Music
  • Ryan Williamson, Politics Public Affairs & International Studies
  • Hannah Young, Communication Disorders