Western Thunder Color Guard

The Western Thunder Color Guard performs with the University of Wyoming Western Thunder Marching Band at all home football games. In addition to performing at the games, the Color Guard section performs at all spirit and pep events to support the football team, including possible away trips, bowl games and other events. The guard rehearses during the fall with the marching band Monday through Friday from 12:00 to 12:50 p.m. In addition to the scheduled class time, there are two evening sectional rehearsals each week. These evening rehearsals are generally two hours long. Saturdays are usually reserved for game day rehearsals and performances. The members of the section represent a variety of academic majors. All students in the marching band, including the guard section, are still welcome to participate in different campus clubs and groups. We do not perform on all weekends during the fall semester.


The color guard spins a variety of equipment but specialize in 6' flags and swing flags. The guard also incorporates all types of dance in our shows, pulling inspiration from ballet, modern, jazz, and lyrical styles. The possibility of spinning weaponry for the 2023 season will be determined by shows, time and skill/ability levels.


Prospective color guard members need to complete a registration form and audition so we can assess ability levels. This audition will be done over the summer through a video submission. In order to prepare for that audition, we suggest that students check out the WTMB Colorguard YouTube Channel, our Instagram @wtmbcolorguard and our TikTok @wtmbcolorguard. These will serve as a source of teaching and audition information for all students interested in the color guard.


Any prospective members who have little to no experience, and are concerned about the audition process, please contact us at the below email so that we can best prepare and accommodate you for the upcoming season. We want to give you every opportunity to be successful and part of WTMB Color Guard.


Questions can be directed towards any of the following:

General email – uwauxiliaryteam@gmail.com

Colorguard Audition Requirements

Colorguard Handbook 2024

The handbook contains:

o Technique and Expectations

o Tips for Practicing

o All standard written routines - includes all school songs and warm-up routine


However, the video audition will consist of the warm up routine. During the video process, candidates are required to wear appropriate athletic clothing (allowing free movement) and footwear.

Please review the choreography video found here: WTMB Colorguard Choreography Demonstration


Then include a video of yourself performing the routine with music. The song is "Ocean Away" from The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical by Barlow & Bear. Please give yourself time to review and post this, as this is a requirement.


Focus on the flag work first, and then add the body underneath. Please watch the YouTube page: WTMB Colorguard YouTube Channel and follow our Instagram @wtmbcolorguard and TikTok @wtmbcolorguard for breakdowns and tips to be successful with the audition material.

When uploading:

o Title your video with your name and "Warm Up Routine"

o Upload to YouTube as an "unlisted" file so the video can be viewed, but will not be publicly searchable on the internet (only people with the link can view the video)

AUDITION VIDEOS should SUBMITTED BY JUNE 1, 2024. Please have your video submission ready BEFORE filling out the form below.

Colorguard Audition Form

Feedback will be emailed shortly after the deadline, and then we will prepare for the 2024 season.

All questions and concerns can be directed toward any of the following:

o General Email: uwauxiliaryteam@gmail.com

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