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Who Can Join?

All of our bands (concert and marching) are open to all students on campus regardless of academic major. The bands are an official course within our Music Department which requires course registration. Marching Band is listed in the course catalog as MUSC 1370.

The marching band does not require past experience in a high school marching program. We have students each year that march with us even though it is their first experience with a marching band.


Auditions for the marching band are only necessary if you are involved with the drumline or colorguard. Please see those pages for more information.  Our instrumentation is as follows:


Bb Clarinet

Alto Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone






Color Guard

Drumline (consisting of snare, quints, multi-bass drums, and cymbals) 


Students are welcome to use their own instruments if they play piccolo, clarinet, saxophone, or trumpet. If members of these sections do not own one, we will provide it. Members of the mellophone, trombone, baritone, sousaphone, drumline, and color guard will be provided with university-owned equipment at no charge. 

Class Conflicts

Due to the midday rehearsal schedule for the marching band, members sometimes have time conflicts with other courses. Every effort should be made to reserve the 12-1 PM time frame (and travel time on either side) for the marching band practice. However, in the event that a course conflict is unavoidable, we will work with the member to accommodate the best plan for success.

Saddle Up

Freshmen members of the WTMB are exempt from the week-long University orientation that begins the week before classes. This week is also our preseason camp week and an important time for the band to learn materials for the fall season. During the band’s preseason camp, we will provide similar programming to the marching band freshmen so that they are not missing out on important information about campus life and resources. All WTMB freshmen will move into their dorms with the rest of the campus freshmen and eat in the Dining Hall during the camp week.

Travel Opportunities

The band occasionally travels off campus to support our athletic teams and perform at regional and national performing opportunities. When these opportunities are afforded, there is no extra charge for the members of the WTMB. There are occasional expenses that are needed but typically our transportation and hotel is covered, as is a per diem allowance for meals while on trips. These trips frequently occur over the semester break when classes are not in session (bowl games and Rose Parade). The expectation for post-season travel is that all members attend these performances. We typically prepare for these performances during the fall semester and when students are missing, it leaves a hole in the performance formations. We are understanding of special circumstances that arise and those can be discussed with Dr. Carver as needed.


All members of the WTMB are eligible for scholarships as part of membership. These awards are based on a successfully completed academic season. Drum majors and section leaders are offered an increased scholarship for membership in the ensemble. Scholarship amounts can vary from year to year depending on a number of factors that are issued for the Spring Semester following a successful WTMB season.

Volleyball Band 

During the fall season a pep band performs at home volleyball games. This is a volunteer group made up of mostly marching band members. An audition is held during preseason camp to select a 20-member full time band. The full time band members are paid $20 per game. All marching band members are welcome to play at the games to support the Cowgirls.

Basketball Pep Band

Volunteer pep bands perform at Men's and Women's home basketball games. An audition is held during the fall to select two 20-member full time bands (Brown and Gold Band); however, more performers are welcome to play at the games. The full time members are paid $20 per game. The basketball pep bands are open to any UW student.

Each year a 29-member pep band is selected to perform at the Mountain West Basketball Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. If a UW team is selected for the NCAA tournament, the pep band would travel with the team to support the Cowboys and/or Cowgirls. The tournament bands are determined by attendance points at regular season basketball games.

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Western Thunder Marching Band

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Phone: (307) 766-5244

Fax: (307) 766-5326


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