Drumline Information

The Western Thunder Drumline consists of marching snare drum, tenors (5 drum), bass drums, and cymbals.  Students need to complete an audition so that we can place you on the instrument that fits you and the line best.  All new members are encouraged to audition on multiple instruments and indicate which instrument is your first and second choice.  You will do this on our registration form, and will need to create a new entry for each audition you submit.  For example, if you wish to audition for snare and bass drum, you will complete the form twice indicating which instrument you are submitting the audition for and pasting the link to that audition.

The 2023 drumline packet can be found HERE

This packet contains all the exercises that we play.  Once we select the drumline, all members will be given the full drumline book which includes cadences and short drum cheers.  The audition will consist of the following provided criteria which differs for each instrument: 


Snares & Tenors

*Tenors play the split parts on a set of drums or tenor pad if possible.

  • 8th Accent Tap (7531) - 130bpm                                                    
  • Paradiddles - 130bpm  
  • Triplet Rolls - 140bpm                  

Bass Drum 

*Pick a split part to play either on a bass drum or a practice pad.  Bass drum would be preferable.               

  • 8th Accent Tap (7531) - 130bpm 
  • Paradiddles - 130bpm
  • 16th Grid - 120bpm


*Pick a split part to play either on a pair of cymbals or clapping your hands. Crash cymbals would be preferable.

  • Demonstrate a choke, crash, and sizzle/choke as indicated on the Cymbal Worksheet
  • 8th Accent Tap (7531) - 120bpm
  • Paradiddles - 120bpm

Please complete the audition on a marching band instrument if possible.  If you do not have access to drums, you can play it on a drum pad.  You might consider recording your audition before you lose access to your high school's marching equipment. 



Find a quiet room or space to record without extraneous noise. Use your cell phone or video camera, and when recording:

  • State your name and graduating high school, city and state
  • State the exercise/cadence you are performing
  • Record your performance of the required parts of the audition.  Feel free to record multiple takes to get your best performance
  • Mark time and use an audible metronome or play along to the practice tracks.  Make sure we can see your feet moving in the video, so we can judge timing between hands and feet.
  • Feel free to use video editing software to combine your videos into one complete audition video.  (if you are auditioning on multiple instruments, please create separate audition videos for each instrument.)

When uploading:

  • Title each video with your name and the instrument you are auditioning/submitting for.
  • Upload to YouTube as an "unlisted" file so the video can be viewed, but will not be publicly searchable to the internet (only people with the link can view the video).

Submit your information and video here


Audition Videos should be submitted by June 1, 2023.

Results will be emailed shortly after the deadline, and we will start preparing for the 2023 season.

Questions can be directed towards any of the following:

Dr. Carver: jcarver4@uwyo.edu

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