Fay W. Whitney School of NursingCheck out the new Campus Banners!

College of Health Sciences

Nursing's new UW Campus banner

Take a trip to campus soon to see all the new UW campus banners. Pictured above is the nursing banner, located directly east of the Student Health Service. New banners are sprinkled about campus, concentrated most heavily around Prexy's Pasture and the Wyoming Student Union.

If you are planning to come to campus and desire to see the nursing facilities and meet with a nursing adviser, the school has one more scheduled "Nursing Visit Day" on Friday, August 22. Schedule your visit through the online UW Admissions' Individual Visits" web page as follows:

  • Go to https://www.uwyo.edu/admissions/visit/individual-visits.html. Scroll down the page to note the "Nursing?" section. Then scroll down further to "Schedule a Visit" tab. You will want to schedule your visit to correspond to the school's Nursing Visit Day on Friday, August 22, at 1 p.m. UW Admissions fits a campus tour around our scheduled time and will make sure you can take part in both campus and nursing tours. Admissions will contact the School of Nursing to let us know you are coming for our school visit.

  • Questions about the UW Student Visit program? Feel free to call the Pre-college & student visit programs office at 307-766-4075. You can also contact them through email at visituw@uwyo.edu.

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