WIthdrawing from Classes/University?

Federal Return of Funds Policy (R2T4 Policy)

A student who receives federal financial aid (other than Federal Work-Study paychecks) and chooses to complete less than 60% of an academic term is considered not to have earned all the federal aid he or she has been awarded. This means students who Drop Classes!

You may have to immediately pay back some or all of your federal financial aid.

The date of a student’s withdrawal from UW will be determined by documenting the last date of an academically related activity.  When a student fails to officially withdraw from UW, it will be assumed that the withdrawal date is the midpoint of the semester or the last date of documented academic activity.  Students must be able to prove they began attending all of their classes.

UW must immediately return the unearned aid for which the school is responsible by repaying funds to loans and/or grants.  The amount of unearned aid returned by UW is now owed to UW by the student and must be repaid immediately.  These federal funds were used to pay tuition and the student still owes tuition! Any remaining loan funds the student owes as unearned aid must be repaid under the normal repayment terms of the loan. If the student owes grant funds as unearned aid UW pays that back for the student and then the student immediately owes that amount to UW.

Students are strongly advised to consult with a financial aid professional before dropping classes. Specific examples of earned and unearned federal aid calculations are available from a professional adviser in the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid. Under the Registrar’s web page, www.uwyo.edu/registrar see the current “class schedule” and the “tuition and fees” section for a chart detailing the percentage of earned and unearned aid by calendar day of the semester. The current refund schedule is also shown under that tuition and fees section.


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