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Florence Teule-Finley

Dr. Teulé-Finley headshot

Assistant Lecturer, Zoology and Physiology

University Union building/UU Room 448
University of Wyoming at Casper (UW-Casper),  
125 College Drive
Casper, WY 82601 

Phone: (307) 268-2710 
Fax: (307) 268-2416 
Email: fteule@uwyo.edu



Ph. D. Genetics, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina, USA 

M.S. Plant Breeding (Minor: Biotechnology), Université des Sciences et Techniques Montpellier II, Montpellier, France

B.S. Plant Chemistry and Biology, Faculté des SciencesUniversité de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, Pau, France


Current position:

Lecturer, Associate

Wyoming INBRE Program Coordinator (NIH's Institutional Development Award/IDeA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence)


Short bio:

Dr. Teulé-Finley worked 8 years as a research scientist in the Department of molecular biology (University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY), and 1 year at the Utah Science Technology and Research/USTAR (Utah State University, Logan, UT) before relocating to Casper WY and joining the University of Wyoming at Casper in Fall 2012. Her research has primarily focused on the understanding of structure-function in fibrous proteins (using spider silk proteins as a model), as well as the recombinant and transgenic production of silk-like designer proteins for biomimetic (bio-inspired) fibrous materials generation. She currently teaches UW's LIFE 3050 (Genetics) and ZOO 4110 (HIV/AIDS- The Disease and the Dilemma) courses, while mentoring ZOO 4900 students (Independent research; credit course) and Wyoming INBRE Undergraduate Researchers in experimental research on the UW Casper campus, and serving as the Wyoming INBRE Program Coordinator. 


Selected Publications

Albertson, A. E., Teulé, F., Weber, W., Yarger, J. L., & Lewis, R. V. (2014). Effects of different post-spin stretching conditions on the mechanical properties of synthetic spider silk fibers. Journal of Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 29, 225–234

Menezes, G., Teulé, F., Lewis, R. V., Silva, L., & Rech, E. (2013). Nanoscale investigations of synthetic spider silk fibers modified by physical and chemical processesPolymer Journal, 45, 997–1006.

Adrianos, S. L., Teulé, F., Hinman, M. B., Jones, J. A., Weber, W. S., Yarger, J. L., & Lewis, R. V. (2013). Nephila clavipes Flagelliform silk-like GGX motifs contribute to extensibility and spacer motifs contribute to strength in synthetic spider silk fibersBiomacromolecules14(6), 1751–60.

Teulé, F., Addison, B., Cooper, A. R., Ayon, J., Henning, R. W., Benmore, C. J., … Lewis, R. V. (2012). Combining flagelliform and dragline spider silk motifs to produce tunable synthetic biopolymer fibersBiopolymers97(6), 418–31.

Teulé, F., Miao, Y.-G., Sohn, B.-H., Kim, Y.-S., Hull, J. J. J., Fraser, M. J., … Jarvis, D. L. (2012). Silkworms transformed with chimeric silkworm/spider silk genes spin composite silk fibers with improved mechanical propertiesProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America109(3), 923–8.

Teulé, F., Cooper, A. R., Furin, W. A., Bittencourt, D., Rech, E. L., Brooks, A., & Lewis, R. V. (2009). A protocol for the production of recombinant spider silk-like proteins for artificial fiber spinningNature Protocols4(3), 341–55.

Teulé, F., Furin, W. A., Cooper, A. R., Duncan, J. R., & Lewis, R. V. (2007). Modifications of spider silk sequences in an attempt to control the mechanical properties of the synthetic fibersJournal of Material Sciences42(21), 8974–8985. 


Book Chapters

Hinman, M. B., Teulé, F., Perry, D. J., An, B., Adrianos, S. L., Albertson, A., & Lewis, R. V. (2014). “Chapter 8: Modular spider silk fibers: Defining new modules and optimizing fiber properties” in “Biotechnology of Silks.” In Biotechnology of Silk (pp. 137–164). Springer, NY.

Teulé, F., Marcotte, W. R., Lewis, R. V., & Abbott, A. G. (2008). Chapter 1-Recombinant DNA methods applied to the production of protein-based fibers as biomaterials. In Biologically inspired Textiles (pp. 3–25). Cambridge: Woodhead Publishing Ltd.

Teulé, F. (2008). Chapter 3: Spinning from protein solutions. InBiologically inspired Textiles (pp. 44–73). Cambridge: Woodhead Publishing Ltd


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