App Navigation in WyoCourses

Some integration in WyoCourses are automatically included in your Course, like EvalutionKIT. Other integrations can be optionally used in courses and can be placed in different places within the course to help accomodate your needs. Not all apps can be placed anywhere but the following sections should give you an idea where on can set up access to an integration in WyoCourses


Placing Integrations/Apps in the Navigation Menu

The apps that WyoCourses already support and that can be put into the navigation menu of your courses can be found in the course settings page in the navigation tab.

picture of the settings page of a course with the Navigation tab open

Towards the bottom of this page the Apps like iClicker, Respondus Lockdown Browser, EvaluationKIT, etc. can be found and added anywhere in the navigation menu of the course so that students and yourself can see and use them more easily.

optional extra pages are shown at the bottom of the settings page in the navigation tab.

Adding Integrations/Apps to Modules

In your course go to the modules page and click on the "+" button on the right hand side of the module in which you want to add an external app.
the module page with a red frame around the plus button on the top right of the page.

Click on the dropdown box that says "assignments"
the page seen when an instructor clicks on the plus button in the module page

Click on External Tool
the add module menu with a red arrow pointing to external tool

Click on the external tool/app you would like to add as a module for example Chat Tool
the add module menu with a red box is around one of the integrations named Chat Tool

When you are finished making the module make sure it is published so your students can view it
Two arrows point to the publish icons on the module that was just created.


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