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The Outcome Assessment LTI is an app to simplify the collection and assessment of student work samples within Canvas. Within the app, it provides users the ability to collect assessment objects from Canvas and assigns these assignments to a course assessor. All of these course submissions are submitted by “Assessment Users.”

Creating Tags

  • On the left hand panel of the admin panel, you will see the LTI listed. Click on “Assessment LTI” to launch the app.


Assessment LTI page with a red box around the tab for Assessment LTI and text Click Here

  • Once you have clicked, you will be directed to the application and see the shown screen below. The first tab is the “Tags” tab. This page gives you the ability add new tags that are made available for teachers to use, mark tags as active or inactive, and delete tags IF they have not been associated to any assignments.

Creating a New Tag : Click on “+ Add New Tag” button. A pop up will appear. Start typing to create a new tag. Press enter. When you are nished, click “Add New Tag”. You will see the newly created tag in your list of all tags.

Column Headers :

■ Tag Name: name of the tag

■ Date Created: the creation date of the tag

■ Created By: the person that created the tag initially

■ Active Tag?: Is this tag currently accessible for teachers to tag assignments? This will show as “Active/Inactive”

■ Delete: You will see an “x” next to the tag IF it has NOT been associated to an assignment and has the capability to be deleted.

The '+ Add new Tag' button is on the top of the page under the 'Tags' tab.


Creating an Assessment Batch

To create an assessment batch, navigate to the tabs at the top and click on “Create

Assessments”. You will see the screen below:

the Create Assessments tab with text fields for TERM and TAG data with export and next buttons.
  • Term(s) : Begin typing a term(s) that you would like to include in the criteria and press enter. You can add multiple terms if needed.
  • Tag(s) : begin typing a tag(s) that you would like to include in the criteria.


You will see on the right side of your screen, total ‘Tagged Assignments’ and total ‘Courses’ with that criteria. As you see above, Fall 2015 with significant Project tag has 11 tagged assignments from 5 courses. When you are satis ed with the results, you can export the tagged assignments by clicking on ‘Export’ or click next to continue with the creation of the batch process.

showing Create Assessments tab of Assessment LTI with fields for information about the assessor

At the top of the screen, you will see the Tagged Assignments and Courses that you previously selected. On this page, you will begin adding assessors and criteria to the batch.


  • Assessor Name: Begin typing in the input box to lter users. Once you nd the user you would like to add, click enter. They will be added to the table below that area.
  • How many assignments…: Enter here the amount of assignments you would like to include. You will be maxed out at the number of tagged assignments.
  • Please indicate the percentage…: You will enter in the total percentage of assignments that you will include per assessor. Max 100% will include ALL submissions
  • Please give your outcome…: You can type in the name that you would like to call this batch set.

Once these steps are complete, the ‘Go’ button will be enabled and you can click it to create the batch creation process. You will be redirected to the ‘Activity’ Tab to see the current status of the batch. Click refresh to view the current state of the batch.

'Activity' tab of Assessment LTI showing that the status of three assessments are completed.

Locating Assessment Shell Courses

Once the batch has completed, you can navigate to the sub account named “UW Assessments.”

You will see all the names of the course shells that were created. E.g; If I named the course shell “Steven Tyler’s Shell Course” you will see a course shell within that sub account. You can also navigate to these courses by ltering all courses by the “Assessment Term.”


a filtered list of sub-accounts in WyoCourses that are in the 'Assessment Term'



Here is an example of the course shells that have been created in the sub account:


a list of course names that have been created in this particular sub-account


If an assessor has been been given multiple batches, they will be grouped into Assignment groups. (Seen below)

2 lists of courses that have been assigned to one assessor.

All standard grading and processes will be completed in Canvas and the LTI stage is complete.

Associating Tags to Assignments

Teachers have the ability to view all of their assignments in their course. To access the LTI, you will click on the “Outcome Assessment LTI” on the left hand navigation panel of a course. Once clicked, you will see the following screen with all of your assignments split up between published and unpublished sections.

List of published assignments and one of unpublished assignments in  Outcome Assessment-Teacher.


When you would like to add a tag to an assignment, click on the pencil icon under the edit column. At this point you will see a pop up appear and will look like this:


Text output assignment that shows a field for inputting tags


The assignment name will display at the top, and you can begin typing to search all the available tags. Once you nd the tag you want, press enter. It will show below the input box giving you the ability to add multiple tags to one assignment.

Submitting Support Tickets

If you ever come across a problem with the application, you can input a support ticket via Canvas in the lower left of your screen. To expedite the support ticket process, please state you are using the Outcome Assessment LTI built by professional services. This will help speed up the process and get you the support needed.

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