Department of Anthropology

William Gardner - Adjunct Professor

I am an anthropologically trained archaeologist, specializing in the study of human mobility and its influence on community-scale networks across different periods and regions. My journey began in the U.S. West, researching Archaic and Formative period hunter-gatherers, and later extended to the exploration of ancient Mongolian mobile pastoralists. This ignited my interest in understanding the intertwined dynamics of ecosystems, climate, human culture, and sociopolitical organization that contribute to sustainability in the Asian steppe's dynamically coupled socio-natural systems. Parallel to my academic pursuits, I have amassed a decade of hands-on experience in the U.S. Cultural Resource Management sector. Beginning as a field technician, I eventually went on to become a permitted archaeologist in Wyoming, accruing invaluable practical insights into archaeological research and conservation. My rich blend of scholarly and field experience continues to inform my passion for unraveling the complex tapestry of mobile people's prehistory.

William Gardner

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