Student Organization (SO) Funding Board

Associated Students of the University of Wyoming


The Board shall, pursuant to the provisions of the ASUW Finance Policy, serve to consider and recommend approval by the Senate for the use of budgeted ASUW funds to facilitate, during a fiscal period, the on-going requests by students and student organizations for ASUW financial support.


The Board shall have the responsibility of considering the requests of students and student organizations for ASUW funds; recommending Senate action on such requests, and the authority to administer the ASUW Finance Policy pursuant to budgeted allocations of such funds. The SO Funding Board is the only ASUW Branch, Program or Service that has ability to allocate funds to SOs. The Committee shall be vested with all necessary and appropriate powers to carry out its purpose under these rules.


The Board shall consist of a minimum of six (6) ASUW Senators, one (1) Senator with Board experience shall serve as chairperson, and a minimum of three (3) ASUW Students-at-Large, with one (1) being a Freshman Senator. The ASUW Vice President shall appoint one (1) Executive Assistant to serve as an ex-officio on the committee. The ASUW Advisor, or designee, shall serve as advisor.

2023-2024 Committee Info

Meeting Time: Tuesdays at 7:30 am - 9:00 am in the Thunder Basin Room, Union 315

Chair: Langston Bouma

ASUW Senators: Jonathan Brown, Sophia Gomelsky, Luke Hulen, Paden Knull and Brooke Culp 

First-Year Senators: Gwen Haggert 

Executives: Director of Student Organizations & Outreach Laura Murphy 

Professional Staff: Accountant Shelly Schaef

SO Funding Board Resources

Additional resources may be found on the SO Funding page

Here are some quick links to high-demand resources that can also be found on the SO Funding page: 

The Ultimate Guide to SOFB 

Student Organization Funding Board Policy


Contact ASUW Accountant, Shelly Schaef

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