Tuition Allocation and Student Fee Review Committee

Associated Students of the University of Wyoming


The committee shall serve as ASUW’s oversight board for all university fees, including programmatic, advising, mandatory student and student services fees, as well as tuition dollars. This committee’s purpose can be broken up as follows:

  1. Assessment and recommendation of proposed mandatory studentand programmatic fee increases:
    1. Annual hearing of proposals from units requesting a fee increase with a subsequent recommendation made tothe ASUW Senate through legislation and to university leadership.
    2. Annual report of all student dollars collected and their usage.
    3. Conducting a comprehensive and detailed report of allunits who collect student fees and their allocation of these fees. Accompanying outreach and education efforts.
    4. Outreach and education to the student body regardingtuition.
    5. Annual outreach and education efforts in partnership with the President’s office and the office of Financial Affairs regarding the Board of Trustee’s tuition policy and any possible increases.
    6. Student Success Priorities.
    7. Annual creation and passage through the ASUW Senate of a list of Student Success Priorities per the Board of Trustees’ Tuition Policy.
    8. Accompanying outreach and education efforts.
    9. Overall assessment of students’ needs for their feedollars.
    10. Consistent outreach and data collection efforts to the student body in order to assess the merits of new and current fees. This committee should aim to be aware of students’ needs and assess whether these needs are being met by current fees and suggest new fees as necessary.


The Committee shall have the power to investigate all fees in a manner they deem appropriate in order to complete an annual report. The investigation may include, but is not limited to, hearing from representatives of University of Wyoming colleges, departments, and programs. The Committee shall formulate appropriate feedback which may include recommended changes to any fees. Their recommendations shall be presented to the ASUW Senate in the form of legislation and shared with the appropriate university officials upon passage. The committee shall also hear mandatory fee increase requests from campus fee units and may recommend adjusting the requested fee, giving a vote of non-support for the request, or endorsing the requested amount. The committee shall follow the same process for the tuition allocation recommendations for the Student Success Priorities. This committee will also conduct general outreach and education efforts to ensure students’ needs are being met with current fees and to gather information to accurately assess the merits of new fees.



The Committee shall consist of a minimum of six (6) ASUW Senators, one (1) of whom shall serve as the co-chairperson alongside the ASUW Vice President. Three (3) ASUW Students-at-Large, with at least one (1) being a First-Year Senator shall also serve on the Committee. The ASUW Vice President shall have the power to appoint executives to serve as ex-officios on the committee.


2023-2024 Committee Info

Meeting Time: Fridays at 3:00 pm, ASUW Conference Room Union 020

Chair: Vice President Jessica Petri & Senator Gabe Saint 

ASUW Senators: Nick Bogani, Artemis Langford, Krislyn Gundling, Carter Worcester, Cord Anderson, and Ven Meester

First-Year Senators: Briana Harper, Hayden Mackenzie, Holden Eigenberger

Executives/Professional Staff: ASUW Director of Finance Augustus Mahieu, Director of Policy and Analysis Jerry Henderson, and Accountant Shelly Schaef

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ASUW Office

1000 E. University Ave.

Wyoming Union, Room 020, WY 82071

Phone: (307) 766-5204


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