Program and Institutional Development

Associated Students of the University of Wyoming


The Program and Institutional Development Committee shall serve as a means by which the ASUW Student Senate shall advise and assist with all ASUW programs. Furthermore, the committee shall be responsible for ensuring that the ASUW is constantly developing into a more effective organization.


The Committee shall advise and assist all ASUW Programs, Services, and Strategic Partners of the ASUW and shall formally and informally evaluate aspects of the each and provide recommendations which include but are not limited to the budget, student fee allocation, and staffing. The Committee will maintain regular contact with all Programs, Services, and Strategic Partners of the ASUW and will regularly provide institutional and programmatic support to each. The Committee will be responsible for submitting yearly reports to the Budget and Planning Committee pertaining to the effectiveness and need for funding in specific areas for each ASUW program. Additionaly, the Committee shall be responsible for the formulation and execution of long-term policies and goals for the ASUW Student Government and its Programs, Services, and Strategic Partners. It shall have the authority to request any information it deems necessary of other ASUW Committees and entities, and it shall use this information to determine areas that require additional focus. Subsequently, the Committee will be responsible for formulating action plans to address these areas of concern. The Committee shall be vested with all necessary and appropriate powers to carry out its purpose under these rules.


The Committee shall consist of a minimum of six (6) Senators of the ASUW, one (1) of whom shall serve as chairperson, three (3) ASUW Students-at-Large, one (1) being a First-Year Senator, and a unique student representative of each ASUW program or service shall have the opportunity to serve as a voting member.  All these program and service representatives are subject to the final approval of the ASUW Vice President. All program and service representatives will have the right to vote in this Committee. The ASUW Vice President shall appoint one (1) Executive Assistant to serve as an ex-officio on the committee. The program and service representatives may be, but are not limited to the following:  

2023-2024 Committee Info

Meeting Time: Thursdays at 3:00pm in the Warm Valley Conference Room, Union 2020

Chair: Clayton Keasling

ASUW Senators: Peri Hennigar, Krislyn Gundling, Carter Worcester, and William Relaford

First-Year Senators: Hannah Jackim, Rachel Heffley, Georgie Stephany, Hayden Mackenzie

Executives: Chief of Legislative Affairs Rylan Knopp and Director of Policy and Analysis Ven Meester

Professional Staff: Project Coordinator Cameron Craft

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ASUW Office

1000 E. University Ave.

Wyoming Union, Room 020, WY 82071

Phone: (307) 766-5204


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