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Blister Beetles in Alfalfa; Information on the Risk They Pose for Hay Consumers  Video (~22 min) | Audio only
Grape Phylloxera; A New But “Old” Grape Pest Now in Wyoming  Video (~19 min) | Audio only
Japanese Beetle; Another New Pest for Wyoming  Video (~19 min) | Audio only
UW Extension Publications
Aphids, Leaf and Stem Feeding (UW CES pub B-1050.4)
Aphid, Poplar Vagabond Gal (UW CES pub B-1041
Army Cutworm: Euxoa auxiliaries (UW CES pub B-1013.8)
Blister Beetles (UW CES pub B-1013.3 )
Corn Earworm: Heliothis zea (UW CES pub B-1013.13)
Earwigs: Forficula spp. (UW CES pub B-1013.15)
Flea Beetles (UW CES pub B-1013.18)
Grasshoppers, Common Wyoming (UW CES pub B-1161)
Leafhoppers (UW CES pub B-1013.17)
Lygus Bugs (UW CES pub B-1013.4)
Pests of the Home Vegetable Garden (UW CES pub from 1996)
Scales and Mealybugs (UW CES pub B-1050.1)
Slugs, Snails and Slug Sawflies (UW CES pub B-1050.3)
Sowbugs and Pillbugs (UW CES pub B-1050.2 )
Spiders (UW CES pub B-1050.5)
Wireworms: Melanotus spp. (UW CES pub B-1013.14)
Other University Publications
Barnyards and Backyards Articles
UW Extension Publications
Grasshoppers, Common Wyoming (UW CES pub B-1161)
Grasshoppers! Part 1 (Webinar, May 23, 2011)
Grasshoppers! Part 2 (Webinar, May 23, 2011)
Grasshoppers of Wyoming and the West (website which rounds up a lot of info on grasshoppers) (University of Wyoming)
Barnyards and Backyards Articles
UW Extension Publications
Something Bugging You... In the Garden?
Scott Schell, UW Assistant Entomologist, gives us the big picture view of insects and their sometimes surprising roles in our landscapes.  (1 hour, 2 parts)
Part 1
Part 2
Common Household and Garden Insects[BROKEN LINK] of Wyoming (University of Wyoming)
High Plains IPM web site (This site provides current information on the management of insects, weeds, and plant pathogens affecting plants and livestock in Colorado, Western Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana and Western South Dakota.)
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