Barnyards & Backyards

UW Extension Food Preservation site  (a variety of resources on safe preservation) 
Solutions for Living: Everyday tools for ranchers and farmers (various cool tools to make chores easier and avoid accidents around your place) (UW CES pub B-1184)
River Level Info (NOAA site, for general information on river observations and forecasts, if flooding is likely stay in touch with your local emergency info sources)
Flood Risk Maps (FEMA US govt site)
Before the Flood (North Dakota State University)
After the Flood (North Dakota State University)
Be prepared for emergencies! Show covers tools that will help you determine your risk and make a plan (Barnyards & Backyards Live! Show)
Food Safety for Small-scale Farmers (Ag in Uncertain Times webinar)


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Barnyards & Backyards
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