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The Team:

Scott Cotton
Extension Educator
Jeff Edwards
Pesticide Coordinator
(307) 837-2000
Donna Hoffman
Extension Educator
Windy Kelley
Regional Extension Program Coordinator
(307) 766-2205
Abby Perry
Extension Educator
(307) 328-2642
Brian Sebade
Extension Educator
(307) 721-2571
Tara Constanzo
Community Forestry Coordinator
Jenna Meeks
Goshen County Weed & Pest Control District
Marketing & Assistant Supervisorr
(307) 532-3713
Jess Butler
Converse County Weed & Pest Control District
Assistant Supervisor
(307) 358-2775
Caleb Carter
Weston County Natural Resource District
District Manager
(307) 746-3264 ext 4
Rex Lockman
Laramie County Conservation District
Wildlife and Range Specialist
(307) 772-2600
Lisa Ogden
Natrona County Conservation District
District Manager
(307) 261-5436 Ext. 5592
Jacelyn Downey
Senior Regional Community Naturalist and Education Programs Manager
(307) 756-3941

Magazine & Subscriptions

Steve Miller
Sr. Editor
Tanya Engel
Graphic Artist & Subscriptions
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Barnyards & Backyards
University of Wyoming Extension
1000 E. University Ave, Department #3354
Laramie, WY 82071

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