Instructor Qualifications

Seeking Experienced Student Advocates

The successful implementation of STEP 1102 requires enthusiastic teachers who communicate care, passion, and excitement and who want to teach a course like STEP 1102. Teaching an FYE course requires thoughtful teachers who are carefully selected based on student feedback. Minimum qualifications for the STEP 1102 instructor are:
  • A master's degree or higher academic degree from an accredited institution (official transcript(s) required);
  • At least one year of prior experience with first-year students at the University of Wyoming in college teaching, student services, academic advising, or counseling at the University of Wyoming; 
  • Interest in supporting new student transition and the unique needs of first-year students;
  • Approval of supervisor or department chair;
  • Commitment to continued professional development in current FYE course techniques.
All new instructors must participate in a one-hour FYE Information session in April and a four-hour pre-semester colloquium in August. Stipends are available for these required sessions.
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