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Justices wrestle with mootness and intergovernmental immunity in Hanford workers’ comp case, SCOTUSblog (Apr. 20, 2022) available at

At a vestige of the Manhattan Project, a fight over workers’ compensation and intergovernmental immunity, SCOTUSblog (Apr. 15, 2022) available at

Private Courts, Biased Outcomes: The Adverse Impact of Forced Arbitration on People of Color, Women, Low-Income Americans, and Nursing Home Residents (with Sidney Shapiro, Thomas McGarity and M. Isabelle Chaudry), Center for Progressive Reform Report (Feb. 2022)

Fifty More Years of Ineffable Quo? Workers’ Compensation and the Right to Personal Security, 111 KENTUCKY L. J. ___ (2022)

What COVID-19 Laid Bare: Adventures in Workers’ Compensation Causation, 59 San Diego L. Rev. (forthcoming 2022) 

New Labor Viscerality? Work Stoppages in the “New Work,” Non-Union Economy, 65 Saint Louis University Law Review 115 (2021). SSRN

OSHA's Next 50 Years: Legislating A Private Right Of Action To Empower Workers (with Thomas McGarity, Sidney Shapiro, Rena Steinzor, Katie Tracy), CENTER FOR PROGRESSIVE REFORM REPORT (2020). Internet

Protecting Workers In A Pandemic: What The Federal Government Should Be Doing (with Thomas McGarity and Sidney Shapiro), Center for Progressive Reform Report (2020). Internet

How the U.S. Supreme Court Deemed the Workers’ Compensation Grand Bargain “Adequate” Without Defining Adequacy (54 Tulsa L. Rev. 375 (2019) reprinted in Workers’ First Watch, Workers’ Injury Law & Advocacy Group, 27-43 (Winter 2018). WestlawLexis

Reflections on the “Persistence of Tort” and the “Demise of the Grand Bargain” (symposium essay), 69 Rutgers University Law Review 1257 (2018). Westlaw | Hein Online

A Tale of Two Standards: Why Wyoming Courts Should Apply the Actual Substantial Evidence Standard in Wyoming Workers’ Compensation Cases, 18 Wyoming Law Review 1 (2018). WestlawWLR Online

Workers’ Compensation Benefit Adequacy (forthcoming 2017)

Facial and As-Applied Challenges to Workers’ Compensation Statutes: The Elusive Inadequacy Tipping Point (Work in Progress)

Beyond Republic Steel: Seeing NLRA Remedies Through the Prism of the Collateral Source Rule (Work in Progress)

Workers’ Compensation Judicial Decisional Independence (Work in Progress)

Comment On Chapter 4 of The Restatement of Employment Law: Principles of Employer Liability For Tortious Harm To Employees, 21 Employee Rights & Employment Policy Journal 487 (2017). Westlaw

Worse than Pirates or Prussian Chancellors: A State's Authority to Opt-Out of the Quid Pro Quo, 17 Marquette Benefits & Social Welfare Law Review 123 (2016). Westlaw | Hein Online

Worker’s Compensation Judicial Decisional Independence (Work in Progress).

A Hundred Years of Excellence: But Is the Past Prologue? Reflections on the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act, 87 Pennsylvania Bar Association Quarterly 20 (2016). Westlaw | Lexis

The Cowboy Code Meets the Smash Mouth Truth: Meditations on Worker Incivility, 117 West Virginia Law Review 961 (2015). Westlaw | Hein Online | Lexis

Alt-Labor, Secondary Boycotts, and Toward a Labor Organization Bargain, 63 Catholic University Law Review 837 (2014). Westlaw | Hein Online | Lexis

What Brady v. N.F.L. Teaches about the Devolution of Labor Law, 52 Washburn Law Journal 429 (2013). Westlaw | Lexis | Hein Online | Internet | Bepress

New Nip in the Bud: Does the Obama Board's Preemptive Strike Doctrine Enhance Tactical Employment Law Strategies?, 16 Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal 143 (2012). Westlaw | Lexis | SSRN

Of Courage, Tumult, and the Smash Mouth Truth: A Union Side Apologia, 15 Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal 521 (2011). SSRN | Westlaw | Lexis | Abstract

Union Salts as Administrative Private Attorneys General, 32 Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law 1 (2011). SSRN ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis | Hein Online | Bepress

Labor Injunctions in Bankruptcy: The Norris-Laguardia Firewall, 2009 Michigan State Law Review 669 (2009). SSRN ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis | Hein Online ǀ Bepress

Embracing Paradox: Three Problems the NLRB Must Confront to Resist Further Erosion of Labor Rights in the Expanding Immigrant Workplace, 30 Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law 133 (2009). SSRN ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis | Hein Online | Bepress

Days without Immigrants: Analysis and Implications of the Treatment of Immigration Rallies under the National Labor Relations Act, 85 Denver University Law Review 93 (2007). SSRN ǀ Hein Online ǀ Lexis ǀ Westlaw ǀ Bepress


Employment Law. 5th ed. (New York: Wolters Kluwer, forthcoming) (with Richard Carlson, Richard Bales, and Dallan Flake).

Wyoming Workers’ Compensation Law (CALI eLangdell Press, 2019) CALI

Workers’ Compensation Law (Carolina Academic Press, 2nd Edition 2017) (Part of the Context and Practice Series explicitly applying Carnegie principles to casebook design) Carolina Academic Press

Teachers Manual for Workers’ Compensation Law (Carolina Academic Press)

Secunda, Hirsch & Duff, Labor Law: A Problem Based Approach (LexisNexis, 2017). (added as co-author for 2nd edition, 2017) Carolina Academic Press

Labor, Civil Resistance, and the Rule of Law (Work in progress). 

Book Chapters

Pre-Trial Dispute Resolution of Workers’ Compensation Claims (with Judge David B. Torrey) in Resolving Insurance Claim Disputes Before Trial (American Bar Association Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section 2017)

John L. Lewis and the United Mine Workers in The American Middle Class: An Economic Encyclopedia of Progress and Poverty, Robert S. Rycroft, Ed. (ABC-CLIO 2017). ABC-CLIO-GREENWOOD

The Cloak (of Authority) That Will Not Fit: The 6th Circuit Upholds the NLRB's New Pre-Recognition Negotiation Rule in The Challenge for Collective Bargaining: Proceedings of the New York University’s 65th Annual Conference on Labor, Samuel Estreicher and Michael Green, Eds. Chapter 8, (Matthew Bender 2013).

Shorter Pieces

Justices overturn Washington workers’ compensation law on a strict reading of intergovernmental immunity, SCOTUSblog (June 22, 2022) available at

At a vestige of the Manhattan Project, a fight over workers’ compensation and intergovernmental immunity, SCOTUSblog (Apr. 15, 2022) available at

Challenges for Black Workers After 2020: Antiracism in the Gig Economy?, EMPLOYEE RTS. & EMP. POLICY JOURNAL (Forthcoming 2021),

The Functional Operation of Workers’ Compensation Covid 19 Presumptions, Workers’ First Watch, Workers’ Injury Law & Advocacy Group, February 8, 2021 available at

All the World’s a Platform?: Some Remarks on “Marketplace Platform” Employment Laws (Vol. 50, No. 2, Winter 2021, the Brief, Magazine of the ABA Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section). | ABA

Can Workers’ Compensation Work in a Mega-Risk World?: The Covid 19 Experiment, 35 ABA JOURNAL OF LABOR OF LABOR & EMPLOYMENT LAW 17 (Winter 2021). American Bar Association

Causation in Workers’ Compensation, WORK LAW UNDER COVID-19, edited by Sachin S. Pandya and Jeffrey M. Hirsch, chap. 4 (2020).

Workers’ Compensation Exclusivity, WORK LAW UNDER COVID-19, edited by Sachin S. Pandya and Jeffrey M. Hirsch, chap. 5 (2020).

Review of “The Personal Responsibility Pandemic: Centering Solidarity in Public Health and Employment Law” by Lindsay F. Wiley & Samuel R. Bagenstos” in RAPID REVIEWS: COVID-19 (MIT Press), September 14, 2020

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Coverage and other Expanding Benefit Changes in the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Marketplace: Academic Legal Perspective, Annual Meeting of the National Council of Insurance Legislators, Working Paper Presented December 12, 2019, Austin, TX.  Paper on Bepress

Noe Rodriguez v Brand Dairy: Balancing Equal Protection and a State’s Economic Interest, 3 International Labor Rights Case Law 106 (2017).

Compulsory Arbitration: More Empty Preemption of State Workers’ Comp?, Tortsource, Publication of the Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section, Vol. 19, No. 1 at 3 (Fall 2016). Westlaw

Opt-Out and ERISA’s Empty Preemption of Workers’ Compensation (with Mark DeBofsky), TORT TRIAL & INSURANCE PRACTICE SECTION NEWSLETTER (Fall 2016)

Workers’ Compensation Laws: No Escape from ERISA Preemption?, LexisNexis Legal Newsroom, Workers’’ Compensation Law available at (May 31, 2016).

Choppy Waters Ahead: The New Environment of Law School Scholarships, 39 Wyoming Lawyer 20 (April 2016). Westlaw

Are Workers’ Compensation “Alternative Benefit Plans” Authorized by State Opt-Out Schemes Covered by ERISA?, 45 THE BRIEF 22, A.B.A. TORT TRIAL & INSURANCE PRACTICE SECTION (Spring 2016). Westlaw

Workers’ Comp Agency Declares Oklahoma Opt-Out Statute Unconstitutional, LexisNexis Legal Newsroom, Workers Compensation Law available at (February 28, 2016).

Book Review: “Defamation Law and Social Attitudes: Ordinary Unreasonable People,” 42 International Journal of Legal Information 420 (2015). Westlaw

The Continued Relevance of the NLRA to Non-Union Workplaces under Section 7’s Mutual Aid or Protection Clause, ABA Section of Employment Litigation and Labor Relations E-Newsletter (Winter 2014). 

Terms Matter: Reflections on the Wyoming Debate Over the Teacher's "Union" and Teacher "Tenure", 34 Wyoming Lawyer 16 (April 2011). Westlaw ǀ Wyoming Lawyer

The Debt Ceiling Debate and the Constitution: A Call for Caution, JURIST- Forum, July 16, 2011, (with Benjamin Davis, Craig Jackson, and Leland Ware). Jurist

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