Professor Pridgen's Publications


ALI's Restatement of the Law of Consumer Contracts: Perpetuating a Legal Fiction? 32 Loyola Consumer Law Review 540 (2020). Westlaw

The Dynamic Duo of Consumer Protection: State and Private Enforcement of Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Laws, 81 Antitrust Law Journal 911 (2017). SSRN | WestlawLexis | Hein Online

Wrecking Ball Disguised as Law Reform: ALEC’s Model Act on Private Enforcement of Consumer Protection Statutes, 39 NYU Review of Law & Social Change 279 (2015). SSRN | Westlaw | Hein Online | Lexis

Sea Changes in Consumer Financial Protection: Stronger Agency and Stronger Laws, 13 Wyoming Law Review 405 (2013). Westlaw | Hein Online | Lexis | SSRN

Putting Some Teeth in TILA: From Disclosure to Substantive Regulation in the Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act of 2010, 24 Loyola Consumer Law Review 615 (2012). Westlaw | Lexis | Hein Online 

Consumer Privacy in the Digital Marketplace: Federal Initiatives, 33 Wyoming Lawyer 14 (October 2010). Westlaw

Predatory Lending: The Hidden Scourge of the Housing Boom, Wyoming Lawyer, Oct. 2005, at 18. Westlaw

The Role of State and Private Enforcement in American Consumer Protection, published in Japanese in Houritsu-jihou, November 1999, as translated by Koichi Hosokawa.

Rent-to-Own and Automobile Leasing: Information Disclosures in the United States, 7 Consumer Law Journal (307) 1999.

How Will Consumers Be Protected on the Information Superhighway?, 32 Land & Water Law Review 237 (1997). Hein Online | LexisWestlaw 

Constitutional Interpretation: Who are the Real Radicals? 12 Oklahoma City University Law Rev. 825 (1987). Hein Online

The Wyoming Natural Gas Consumers' Act of 1985: An Experiment in Controlling Natural Gas Prices and a Response to Indefinite Price Escalation Clauses, 21 Land & Water Law Review 141 (1986). Hein Online | Westlaw  

Advertising and Marketing on Cable Television: Whither the Public Interest? 31 Catholic University Law Review 227 (1982). Hein OnlineWestlaw  

Dee Pridgen and Ivan L. Preston, Enhancing the Flow of Information in the Marketplace: From Caveat Emptor to Virginia Pharmacy and Beyond at the Federal Trade Commission, 14 Georgia Law Review 635 (1980). Hein Online   


Pridgen, Consumer Protection in a Nutshell, 5th ed. (West Academic Publishing, 2020). West

Pridgen & Marsh, Consumer Protection in a Nutshell, 4th ed. (West Academic Publishing, 2016). West

Pridgen, Sovern & Peterson, Selected Consumer Statutes (West Academic, 2015). West

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Spanogle, Rohner, Pridgen, Sovern & Peterson, Consumer Law, Cases and Materials (West Academic, 4th ed. 2013). Amazon

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Dee Pridgen & Richard Alderman, Consumer Protection and the Law (Thomson/Reuters, 2008, updated yearly).

Dee Pridgen & Richard Alderman, Consumer Credit and the Law (Thomson/Reuters, 2008, updated yearly).

Consumer Law, Cases and Materials, 3d edition (Thomson/Reuters 2007) (with Andy Spanogle, Ralph Rohner and Jeff Sovern).

Contributing Member, ABA Adjunct Faculty Committee, Adjunct Faculty Handbook (ABA 2005).

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