Non-CMS Website Branding

Using UW Headers, Footers & Styling on Non-CMS webSites

The University of Wyoming has dedicated significant resources to a high-quality brand. UW campus community members are required to adhere to university brand standards, and asks that all affiliates maintain proper use of its styling and approved brand standards including website global elements and logos. This page is designed to provide approved, global website elements to UW-affiliated website owners who are not currently housing their website within UW's content management system, Omni CMS. Use this page and instructions if you have or plan to recreated the current UW website look on your website outside of Omni CMS.

Important Note About External Branding - as of June 1, 2023

In June 2023, UW transitioned its content management system to Omni CMS by Modern Campus. If you have previously copied and are using the source code from the website prior to May 31, 2023, the images (ie. Apply Now ribbon, social media icons, navigation, etc.) and stylesheets  are no longer available. You will need to update your site with the new global files header, footer and CSS to match the look at feel of UW's website post-migration. This will ensure your sites maintain a cohesive look at feel with the UW website and will also avoid any major disruptions when we transition away from Cascade CMS.

Instructions & Downloads

In order to properly use these files, your website manager/developer must be familiar with HTML markup and CSS. This will not be simple "plug and play" process. As you are putting these file inside of a existing server environment with it's own files and styles, you will likely be required to adjust and/or add your own style/CSS adjustments to keep things looking as you wish. Please note: the University of Wyoming Institutional Marketing team is unable to provide website troubleshooting support on sites housed outside of Omni CMS. If you wish to speak with someone about transitioning your website to Omni CMS, please open an Omni support ticket.

To begin, download and unzip the UW global website header and footer files:


The unzipped folder should contain these five (5) files:

  • instructions.txt
    This instruction document contains the same instructions you see on this page.

  • non-cms-styles.css
    This file should be placed where your other css files are. styles/ or css/ are common locations.

  • uwim-headcode.txt
    Copy the contents of this text file and add to the head section. You want these to be the last of any stylesheets. YOU WILL NEED TO CHANGE THE HERF LOCATION TO MATCH WHERE YOU HAVE PLACED THE FILE (<link href="CHANGE-HERE/uwim-hf-min.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/>)

  • non-cms-header.html
    Copy the markup in the file and add right after the tag.

  • non-cms-footer.html
    Copy the markup before the closing tag. You can place this above any javascripts at the bottom of your files.

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